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Hate Crimes, Bullying, and Free Speech

Harry Potter and Anti-Christian Bigotry

Is it possible Harry Potter is fostering anti-Christian bigotry in our youth?   Our kids hear every day in public schools about the perils of "intolerance" and "homophobia." They are cautioned


Sin vs. Service: The Issue is Virtue

Why are conservatives back-peddling on slam-dunk issues like freedom of religion? Because we are being challenged on a core question which we refuse to directly address. And here it is: what about


Grandma Shows Up on SPLC 'Hate' List

In light of recent news that the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center has added more groups to its “hate” list, here’s the experience of a guy named Sam. Sam got a call from his elderly


The Forgotten Victims of "Gay Marriage"

When I was eight years old, my Christmas list held one item: a bride doll. Oh, how overjoyed I was when "Santa" left under our tree that beautiful, white-veiled icon of future girl dreams. And my


Four Bad Pro-Homosexual Ohio Bills

Ohio pro-family voters, please ACT on the bills listed below. The folks pushing homosexuality and gender rebellion never seem to quit, which is why we need to be very vigilant about proposed laws