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Will 'Drag Queens' Be 'Erased' under new Federal Regs?

A full-page ad in USA Today on October 26 from the Human Rights Campaign screamed the homosexual lobby’s latest complaint: “We #WontBeErased – Because We Will Vote.”


Gigantic white, pink and blue streamers were unfurled at the Washington Mall earlier this week and demonstrators explained their purpose by using the same slogan.


Is there an authentic danger here? Are thousands of people soon to vanish?


No, of course not. It’s the latest victim-posing of the “LGBT” crowd, reacting to news that the Trump administration may actually adhere to the real meaning of the words “male” and “female” in federal regulations.


The New York Times reported that "The agency’s proposed definition would define sex as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with..."


But that can’t be! What happened to the good old years under Obama, where definitions and meanings were malleable and subject to today’s fantasy? Where laws magically and frequently morphed into whatever progressives wanted?


Or, as in border security and immigration laws, sometimes disappeared? “Federal law? What federal law?”


The gender-confused make the dramatic claim they will “be erased” if Trump’s HHS and Department of Education affirm the time-honored definition of sex as either male or female for purposes of federal law, particularly regarding Title IX regulations. So let’s examine their worries.


“Erase” means elimination. If the administration issues a clarifying directive that returns policy to the reality of human sexual biology, will thousands of men in feather boas and sequins vanish?


Maybe “drag queen story hours” in public libraries, where grotesque, perverted men read stories about “homophobia” and “transphobia” to little children, would have to be cancelled?


It might be like a “rapture,” minus one critical element-- faith in Jesus.


Well, of course that’s not going to happen. These stubborn sinners will still remain on planet Earth and most will, unfortunately, still cling to and proudly display their deviance. They’ll keep on screeching endless demands and manufactured, immorality-based “rights.” And most news outlets will continue obediently parroting disingenuous talking points and seldom explore the whole truth.


And unlike the “LGBT” activists would have you believe, no Christians “hate” these folks or want these people to “disappear.” We just want them to change, to stop trying to corrupt kids, and to stop their bullying and attempts to punish and silence people of faith.


No, the actual outcome, if the Trump administration proposal goes forward, is that men and boys won’t be able to waltz into female facilities and get away with it, claiming this is “who they are.” When males are males, that’s who they are. And U.S. law should reflect reality, not delusion.


And a confused girl like “Gavin” Grimm in Virginia might not be able to tie up her school in nonsensical lawsuits for years just so she can enter the boys’ restroom.


Many of the allies of the left echoed the bogus “erasure” theme, even those who should know better.


The California Psychological Association (CPA) wrote this in an email blast on Oct. 26:


“The Administration's proposed definition of gender would eliminate federal recognition of some 1.4 million Americans who have identified themselves as a gender other than the one that is assigned at birth.”


This group is essentially quoting from the New York Times article.


Reality is missing here. No, reverting back to an objective standard for sex definition wouldn’t “eliminate federal recognition” of these people. This is patent nonsense. Those individuals would still have federal rights to equality based on race, religion, national origin and biological sex.


They would retain First Amendment freedoms of speech, religion, assembly and the right to petition the government with grievances—even those based on insanity.


What “transgendered” identifiers would lose are coercive rights to an imaginary inborn, unnatural condition. They would lose the regulatory impetus allowing them to force sin to be respected and exalted, often to the obliteration of the religious and sex-based non-discrimination rights of others.


One always gets the distinct impression, tragically, that these paranoiacs would be delighted if Christian conservatives, including bakers and florists, were erased instantly, in the most foundational sense.


And someone please tell the California Psychological Association that no one has a sex “assigned at birth.” If that were true, radical progressive parents and doctors would now be arbitrarily labeling the sex of babies as they exit the birth canal. We are thankfully not yet at the point of such cultural chaos.


A human’s biology is revealed and confirmed at birth, not assigned, and rhetorical hocus-pocus will never change that.


Aren’t psychologists supposed to at least pretend to honor science?


Women deserve privacy in bathrooms and showers and the “trans” males were happy to take that right away from them. This new directive may stop the Obama-era permission to ignore the needs of women and girls.


These rebels need to stop worrying about having their sins erased by federal government ( which won’t happen) but instead, seek the One who died and rose again to erase the sins of all who believe—the Lord Jesus.


That’s an erasure that we should all applaud and welcome. And one these folks really, really need, as we all do.


Praise God for the blood of Christ which erases the sins of all who believe.