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Critical Race Theory in Ohio Schools: Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE: New action at Ohio State Board of Education rescinds the racist policy passed in 2020. See...

School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Updated for School Year 2021-22   [NOTE: We have updated with the information we have at present....

Parents Testify: "Yes, CRT Lessons are in Our Schools, and We Say NO!"

UPDATE: Racist Ohio State Board Resolution RESCINDED! See details in article. “Is CRT really...

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Will This Mayor Fire the School Board?

In Hudson, Ohio, a recent school board meeting heard from outraged parents and even a tongue-lashing by the mayor. And the controversy is making national news. But this school, like so many others,


Real vs. Pretend Risks Jeopardize All Americans

Ready to be re-masked? Many schools just announced all-student masking policies to kick off the school year. And who can argue, after the tragic deaths of millions of children from COVID over the


A Mom Speaks Out About the Medical Gender Agenda

Most of you are observing with alarm, as I am, the transformation of the medical profession. Science is taking a back seat to politics in more and more health advice, and one recent outrage is the


The Wedding Americans Don't Want to Attend

If you are like most people, you are watching with trepidation the unraveling of our culture’s morality and political infrastructure. Where is authentic justice? Authentic science? A trustworthy


VICTORY! Abstinence Standard Preserved through Ohio Budget

“Parents Right to Know” signed by Governor, Includes most provisions of HB 240 We are blessed to live in a country where elections matter— at least in Ohio— and our state has a majority of


Parents Right to Know Act in Ohio: Support Abstinence Education!

Do you have a right to know what your children are being taught in sex education class, and whether or not it’s compliant with Ohio law? Well, if so, you will be thrilled about a new bill just


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