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Parents Right to Know Act in Ohio: Support Abstinence Education!

Do you have a right to know what your children are being taught in sex education class, and whether...

School Agenda: Biden and Congress Propose Billions for Divisive Racial Education

Here comes the tidal wave of propaganda in our schools, unless we act, friends, to stop it. It's a...

Middle School: Ground Zero for Indoctrinating America's Children

Did you know that math supports capitalist and imperialist views, and that teachers need to...

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Children Endangered as GOP Applauds Sexual Anarchy

“It’s for the children!” Politicians, pundits, activists of all stripes rush to play the baby card to draw support to their cause or candidacy. But often it’s completely insincere. Despite a


Did Nationwide Children's Hospital Break Ohio Law with Obscene Sex Ed in Columbus Schools?

(Warning: Graphic Content) Middle schoolers in Columbus (OH) City Schools are being subjected to abortion-advocating, hook-up-oriented sex education, thanks to a federal grant secured by Nationwide



The focus and heart of Mission America is the subject of a new video produced by Predator Watch, founded by Jon Uhler. Jon is a counselor with many decades treating both sexual abuse survivors and


Top Twenty Secret Sins of 2020 America

Had enough of 2020? Time to move on? There’s one “great reset” we may all welcome, and that’s the need to get this miserable year behind us. But first, let’s shine a bright light into the


Offering Hope to the Homosexual and Transgender

[Editor’s note: It was surely God’s hand that resulted in “Sarah”1connecting with the author of this article, who then extended Christian-focused help to her. The author was a volunteer with


Dems Call on Real or Imagined Voters for Biden Win

From the party of plural pronouns like “they,” “them” or “their,” used for single, known-sex individuals, comes a progressive dog whistle. “Count Every Vote!” is the impassioned cry


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