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Sex Education in Ohio 2023: Analysis of Audit by ODEW of Ohio Schools

Sex Education in Ohio Schools 2023 Analysis of 2022-23 Audit Conducted by Ohio Department of...

Ohio GOP Takes Big Money from Teachers' Unions

As Ohioans consider candidates during this election year, let’s think about our values and who we...

How SEL Brings Radical Sex Ed to Your School

Watch VIDEO also -- Parents today are starting to understand that sex education is not what it...

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Are You Grateful? Then VOTE

Do you consider yourself blessed to live in America? If so, do you vote in every election? Are you also a Christian? If you don’t vote, then you really aren’t that grateful. Perhaps you take


Halloween: Gender Deceivers' Favorite Holiday

(This article is from several years ago yet is even more relevant today) So now even Playboy can’t help itself. A recent centerfold is a deceiver—a man pretending to be a woman. It’s


Abortion Supporters and Beheaded Babies

Today I am asking you to search your hearts. Both conservatives and progressives in America claim to support human rights. But when confronted with the logical consequences of our ideas, which


Will Ohio Beat Michigan and Defeat the Abortion Radicals?

The annual gridiron contest between Ohio and Michigan is a cherished, intense rivalry, and every year, the people of Ohio cheer on their team, hoping the Buckeyes capture that victory. This year,


Ohio School District Normalizes Child Abuse Symptoms in “LGBTQ” Presentation

It’s outrageous enough that school after school now positions “LGBTQ” identities and behaviors as positive inborn traits akin to race. That deception is doing untold harm to vulnerable children.


NEA Hates Children, America and Common Sense

Reports from the recent annual meeting of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teacher’s union, are shocking. The new projects approved by delegates from schools all over the


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