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Statement by Linda Harvey, Mission America and John Stover, Ohio Value Voters, on passage of HR 8404 "Respect for Marriage" Act

Linda Harvey statement: “Ohio families should be outraged that four Republicans in the Ohio...

Roe is Gone!! Praise the Lord!!

[From a press conference at the Ohio Statehouse, June 24, 2022] We stand here today with joy in...

Standing Against Pronoun Interrogation at School

The first few weeks of school are hectic but also exciting. New backpacks, new outfits, new friends,...

The Latest from Linda Harvey

JD Vance Says He Would Vote "No" on Same Sex Marriage

Ohio Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, J.D. Vance, told Mission America that he would vote “no” on a bill to legalize same sex marriage. We asked, “How would you vote if you were in the


Nationwide Children’s Hospital Removes Obscene 'Trans' Link from Site

We have bad news /good news to report. Nationwide Children’s Hospital had carried a link in the gender program section of its website that led within a few clicks to pornographic material. This


Speaking Slot Withdrawn From Mission America Over Bogus SPLC Label

Friends, something astonishing happened to me recently, another result of an ongoing smear campaign against our organization, Mission America, as well as many other conservative Christian groups. I


Mother's Day Blessed by the End of Roe?

Will this actually happen? Is Roe v. Wade about to join Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson in the trash heap of inhumane, unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions? America can only hope that this


School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Updated for School Year 2021-22   [NOTE: We have updated with the information we have at present. Please check back for additions in the next months as some events firm up their


OH House Bill 616 Has Strong Potential for Child Protection

The screaming is becoming monotonous. Virtually every objection raised against Ohio House Bill 616 is incorrect. Outrage from “LGBTQ” activists, some major newspapers, the teachers’ unions, and


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