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Can Ohio Overcome Its Whining Pro-Abortion Democrats?

It was an historic moment.   On April 10, 2019, I was present in the Ohio House chamber as...

Cleveland "Gay" Orgy Shows Where "Equality Act" Takes America

Linda Harvey [Warning—graphic content]     If you had plans to take your kids to downtown...

POSTERS & SIGNS to Express Your Views!

Are you sick and tired of the sexual corruption of your kids? Or your classmates? How about...

'Equality Act' Opens Back Door to Pedophilia

  Jason is 13 and wants to date his male 21-year-old student teacher. If the “LGBT” Equality...

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The Spin Begins: "LGBTQ" Advocates Excuse Child Corruption

We are very blessed in Ohio to have some great pro-family legislators in Columbus at the Statehouse, and one of them just introduced a bill to address an emerging threat to children. It’s House


First Graders in the Crosshairs at Columbus School

The “LGBTQ” agenda is alive and well, sadly, right in Central Ohio, but the good news is that parents spoke out and made a difference.   Here’s what happened. On Monday, April 1 at 4:00 pm,


Call Congress about Dangerous 'Equality Act'!

The 'Equality Act' is no such thing, but will make the immoral, deviant behaviors of homosexuality and gender rebellion civil rights under federal law in the U.S. Think about that. Think about how


CALL NOW about So-Called 'Equality Act' in Congress!

Should homosexuality and gender confusion become federal civl rights, like race, relgioun and so on? That's the essence of the radical, sweeping legislation in Congress called the "Equality


"Day of Silence" is a Day of Dumbed-Down Sin

If two middle school girls “date,” that’s normal – didn’t you know? Boys in girls’ restrooms, locker rooms and showers is also a “right” and anyone who objects is a racist. “But


Witchcraft, Lies and Football

So Tom Brady says his wife is a witch and her rituals helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl.    But she’s a “good witch, “ Brady laughingly told the media. There’s actually no such thing


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