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Top 10 Ways America is Being Groomed to Normalize Pedophilia

Respectable pedophilia. Are you ready for this? I’m not and I will be screaming against it until...

Finding Positive, Wholesome Books for Children and Families

Because there is so much harmful material that publishers and libraries offer children these days,...

School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Updated for School Year 2022-23-- Warning-- graphic content   [NOTE: We have updated with the...

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GREAT NEWS! Gender Radicalism and Education Overhaul Both Defeated

Finally! After three months of deliberation, the Ohio State Board of Education finally passed a resolution that rejects the pro- homosexual, pro- gender confusion changes to Title IX federal law.


Does Ohio Need an Education Emperor?

CALL your Ohio House representative today! Go HERE to find out who your representative is. Ohio parents are stunned to learn that a complete overhaul of Ohio education is being proposed at the


NEA Promotes High Risk Explicit Content to Students

Numerous reports around the nation reveal a reckless new tool the National Education Association's "LGBTQ" Caucus introduced into schools recently: a name badge for teachers that sells a


Three Resolutions on Gender Issue at Ohio State Board of Education

Here are the three resolutions being considered by the Ohio State Board of Education on November 14 ( and possibly the 15th): Brendan Shea's resolution entitled, "RESOLUTION TO SUPPORT PARENTS,


Top 5 Reasons for Christians to Vote

Once  again, a very important election is upon us,  and as news outlets project much higher than usual turn-out, there are also reports that many Christians will once again fail to show up on


Cowardly Vote Tables Gender Resolution at Ohio State School Board

The resolution at the Ohio State Board of Education opposing harmful gender ideology in schools, did not pass the board on Wednesday, October 12, unfortunately. It was referred to the executive


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