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Cleveland, We Have a Problem

Linda Harvey The city of Cleveland Ohio is putting the lives of its children at risk. And they are...

Rebels in Training at School Sex Clubs

Why are public schools in America hosting clubs that teach kids to hate the police? This insidious...

PETITION to Ohio Dept of Education-- Keep Free Speech and Authentic History in Schools!

The Ohio State Board of Education recently passed a resolution which is more than disturbing. They...

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Brat Privilege is the Real Problem

by Linda Harvey We have a choice. We can turn away from the childish mob. We can prosecute the lawbreakers while ignoring their press agent bullies-- the Colin Kaepernicks, AOCs, Stacey Abrams, and


Supreme Court Exalts Tyrannical 'LGBT' Fantasy Over Reality

by Linda Harvey Many of you join me in reeling from shock that a majority at the U.S. Supreme Court just handed down an abysmally unjust opinion about homosexual and gender


The Sexual Roots of Civil Rebellion and Its Youth Victims

The USA Today headline was intended to pull heart strings: “Internet has proven to be an LGBTQ ‘lifeline.’” But for those who have been standing against the full surrender of America to


When Voters Understand LGBTQ Agenda Most Say No

It’s not a secret that activists driving “LGBTQ” rights in America are grand manipulators of public opinion, policy and facts. So when it comes to polls on this subject, it turns out that


Here Come School "Sex Ed Squads" and Elementary Planned Parenthood Lessons

by Linda Harvey Amazing what one can discover about American public schools through a public records request. In California, Karen England, head of Capitol Resource Institute, sought the documents


Let's Go Back to Better, Not 'Normal'

Catastrophe brings reflection. What is most precious to me? What have I taken for granted? And ideally, the number one issue, am I following God’s will for my life? I share some nostalgia for


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