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Offering Hope to the Homosexual and Transgender

[Editor’s note: It was surely God’s hand that resulted in “Sarah”1connecting with the...

Dangerous, Heartbreaking Lessons in Ohio Middle School Sex Ed

(Warning: explicit content) Any wise parent with a child in public school has already figured out...

Talking Points to OPPOSE Ohio Homosexuality/Gender Confusion Bill

Talking Points to oppose House Bill 369 and Senate Bill 11, Ohio's “Sexual Orientation”/...

The Latest from Linda Harvey

Dems Call on Real or Imagined Voters for Biden Win

From the party of plural pronouns like “they,” “them” or “their,” used for single, known-sex individuals, comes a progressive dog whistle. “Count Every Vote!” is the impassioned cry


Ohio Middle School Homosexual Survey Angers Parents

In the Beavercreek, Ohio school district, students recently received a “school climate” survey online from a group called “YouthTruth Student Surveys” and parents are livid about the


California Leads Nation in Systemic Sexualization of Children

by Linda Harvey Sure, let’s make it easier for adults to homosexually molest young teens. This makes lots of sense. And ignores thousands of years in the track record of child corruption. Why


School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Updated for School Year 2020-21   Are you sick of your children being subjected to incessant, inaccurate and dangerous messages enlisting their support for—or worse, their involvement in --


Videos Reveal the TRUTH about Obscene Sex Ed Lessons

Do you believe that children in Ohio schools deserve an education free of obscenity? Well, I’m sure you do, yet in Ohio, many middle and high schoolers are unfortunately subjected to explicit


Cleveland, We Have a Problem

Linda Harvey The city of Cleveland Ohio is putting the lives of its children at risk. And they are receiving federal taxpayer funds to do so. No, it’s not COVID. For that low risk disease,


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