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Victory Gardens & Other Flumageddon Family Projects

How our priorities and wish lists have changed in just a few weeks! Moms and dads who were worn...

Ohio Primary Election Information!

Your vote is VERY IMPORTANT! If you are looking for reliable guidance for the upcoming Ohio...

POSTERS & SIGNS to Express Your Views!

Are you sick and tired of the sexual corruption of your kids? Or your classmates? How about...

The Latest from Linda Harvey

More States and Parents Jump on Ban Bandwagon

The vote was unanimous. As the chairman’s gavel came down sharply, he declared, “The bill is passed!” And the crowds in the gallery erupted in applause and cheers. The bill was a no-brainer,


Mayor Pete, When It Comes to Kids, Butt Out!

The stage-managing of children for the depraved goals of homosexuality and gender rebellion needs to come to an end, right now. Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana mayor running for president,


Ohio Fights Against Risky Sex Ed Teaching

Pushing the boundaries of the law is a specialty of the Left, particularly on sexuality. Invent new issues, push the limits, and then use liberal activist judges to back up illegitimate


No Parents Allowed at School-Sponsored Sexual Corruption

[Warning: graphic content] Are you comfortable with your child writing an English class paper about a “transitioning” male-to-female make-up artist? Or answering an essay question explaining why


CANCELLED! Pro Abortion OH Lawmaker Presenting Seminar in Catholic Church

Update: Because of calls to the church and the Diocese of Columbus, the event described below has been CANCELLED at St. Peter Church. Praise God! It will be held, however, at a public library on Feb.


Resolution: Stand Up to "LGBT" Bullies in 2020

Who are the real bigots and bullies in America today? We all know the answer. The body count is piling up of those who’ve capitulated to sexual rebel demands. And it’s not because these folks


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