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Are You Grateful? Then VOTE

Linda Harvey

Do you consider yourself blessed to live in America? If so, do you vote in every election?

Are you also a Christian?

If you don’t vote, then you really aren’t that grateful. Perhaps you take for granted our everyday peaceful, prosperous way of life. You don’t believe that the privilege to choose our leaders is an awesome and rare gift from God. Perhaps you think American life is just normal. This is just the way things are and we can just assume it will remain this way.

If this is what you believe, you are wrong. This is not normal. We are living lives of tremendous blessing with historically unmatched privileges that are about to go away. And sorry to say this, but it’s because of you. And it was because of me, with the attitude I had before I became a Christian.

My heart changed. I realized that we are extraordinarily blessed in America to be able to make a difference through participation in our government. Actually, the American government is totally constructed by our action or inaction. And through our votes, we are actually able to save lives.

The point is, you need to step up here and do your part to protect life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness. Or else it will go away and you will wail and mourn and possibly suffer greatly when it’s gone.

Right now, I am thinking about one upcoming election in Ohio, the need to soundly defeat Issue 1 here in November 2023, but this applies to every election. Issue 1 will allow abortion at every stage of pregnancy, even the baby carried by the female who will deliver tomorrow. Butchers will be allowed to step back in and make big profits on the barbaric practice of late term abortion.

Yes, these assassins have been restrained in recent years because active Ohio pro-life policies have them on the run. Still, a few later- term abortions have been performed, just over 100 in Ohio in 2022.

That atrocity will be able to expand and thrive again very soon unless YOU VOTE. And vote NO on Issue 1. See the language of the amendment HERE.

Do not believe you are in favor of “choice” if you vote yes. Failing to vote is what a passive person does who lacks a working sense of ethics. Don’t worry-- God is totally able to save you from your worst impulses. This is what He does all the time-- change hearts and save people!

It’s time to recognize that It is NEVER okay to kill children. Your approval or mine does not give worth to a human life. They already have that, given by God.

God had a lot to say through the prophet Jeremiah (23:14) about those in ancient Jerusalem who forgot God, became idol-worshippers, even descending to the horror of sacrificing children to these idols. God said, “They commit adultery and walk in lies; they also strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns back from his wickedness. All of them are like Sodom to Me, and her inhabitants like Gomorrah.”

In other words, the unfaithful were facing destruction, and God was not only going to not hold it back, He was perfectly capable of orchestrating it.

We must not be those who “strengthen the hands of evildoers.”

Do we want destruction to come upon us in America? Without softening our hearts toward the most vulnerable, and rolling back the epidemic of fruitless promiscuity leading so often to the deaths of children, that is where we are heading. And we are doing this to ourselves.

It is time to think, America, and read the writing on the wall. It says “Choose life....or face destruction.”

Please vote in this and every election.