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Keep Objecting to Homosexuality: 4 Good Reasons

Linda Harvey

It’s curious that, as parents around the country unite against the wicked “trans” agenda directed toward our kids, quite a few are willing to accommodate homosexual identities.

“I have no problem with someone who’s gay,” I heard one mom say. “It’s the gender mutilation that we need to fight.”

Agreed, that needs to stop, but doesn’t she understand that the fight to normalize “LG” and “B” is where the push for “T” began? They are intimately connected and that’s why they stand in unity: “LGBTQ.”

We need to stand in unity too, against the deviance that God has told us is an abomination (Genesis 19; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and elsewhere). God Almighty destroyed two thriving cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, because of the prevalence of homosexual behavior, not because of “inhospitality.” It can take over a culture and insist that everyone (including children) honor its "pride." Sound familiar?

Let’s face it, it’s not just gender ideology that’s throwing our most impressionable youth into a crisis of identity. It’s that agenda’s faithful companion, “sexual orientation”-- and the clear implication that homosexuality is inborn like race. If it turns out you, as a 13- year- old, have those feelings, well, just accept it and “celebrate.”

This well-crafted lie saturates our children’s school climate and media, but we aren’t allowed to debate that anymore. Many of our children have homosexual teachers. Most children never want to enter or approve of homosexual behavior, but feel stuck. What is the truth? If even conservative parents are jumping on board the bandwagon, then (the kids will believe) maybe it’s true that some are born this way.

And the private, internal angst over this exact issue is likely one of the drivers of today’s teen mental health decline. They don’t want to talk to anyone about it, including their parents, who are often no help.

Don’t parents get it? This subject is presented constantly at school these days, but children do not want to be gay. And their parents should be affirming this gut instinct.

The kids are right on target. God created us to almost always find homosexuality repulsive, because it doesn’t fit our bodies and brings on many lifetime limitations. When there is same sex attraction, it’s the result of a developed (not intrinsic) feelings, which can be undeveloped. Many have done so.

 Conservative parents who are proud to display  “gay-affirming” attitudes may be putting their children in a dire emotional dilemma.

And then, churches remain silent. Most youth groups aren’t explaining this to kids. So if children don’t learn the truth at church and can’t talk to their parents and get reassurances, that no, neither you nor anyone else is ever “born gay”-- where are kids likely to end up?

Some end up anxious and depressed.  Some will turn to the Internet and all its misleading, pro-“gay” bias. Some will confide in those friendly, universally “gay” affirming counselors at school.  Some kids decide maybe they should be the opposite gender. This is likely to be the emotional path many “transitioners” travel. And to address the response I’ve heard from some parents, that it’s better if their children “just became gay,” no, this is not the answer. That too is terribly destructive and They.Are.Not.Born.That.Way.

For both the mental and spiritual health of our children, and for the sake of fighting the actual threats to their well-being, I would like to offer 4 reasons that we need to keep objecting to the normalization of homosexuality, even as we work to halt the “trans” train:

1. We look confused and muddled when we fail to stand against all the sexual anarchy labels. They are connected and one flows out of the other.

I remember listening to an ex-homosexual some years back describe cross-sex identities. He said that he did not know one professed homosexual who did not also have a gender identity issue. The  “transgender rights” movement is a subset of “gay rights” which is why they decided to join ranks about twenty years ago.

We will get nowhere unless we accept a few basic realities: the “LGBTQ” movement is pushing for child emancipation and full empowerment on medical/counseling issues as well as age of sexual consent. That’s because the powers leading that movement have no problem with children being sexual. Many of them were and that’s how they got to their present identities.

2. Partnering with “Gays Against Groomers” is a mistake. I admire what groups like Moms for Liberty have done in advancing parental rights recently and fighting the insidious “trans” agenda. But this group and a few others seem to affirm homosexuality among teachers or students, avoiding that topic like the plague and partnering with Gays Against Groomers.

But just as with the self-labeled “conservative gay” Log Cabin Republicans and others, a group like Gays against Groomers will support same sex “marriage” (and so will be okay with this pretense being promoted to your children); they believe people are born homosexual; they support federal, state, local and school non-discrimination policies on this issue which are the enemy of religious freedom and parental rights; and they will not be reliable on fighting obscenity because the homosexual life is usually quite friendly with porn.

Sorry, but that had to be said. The “against groomers” moniker is pretty empty when the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

The same thing goes for friendly same sex couples parenting at your school. Do not compromise on a stand against all the “LGBTQ” behaviors even if they support your objection to gender ideology. Because ultimately, they will not be where you are.

Could you count on these folks in a heated school board battle or standing up against the pro-obscenity American Library Association or the teachers’ unions? No.

3. Homosexuality is a sin and faithful Christians must stand on this truth. And we must continue to do so because these identities are a dire threat to our children. And it’s not hate to do this-- exactly the opposite. The “LGBTQ” agenda is, at its core, anti-Christian. 

Have you read the passages in many of today’s “young adult” books (marketed to middle and high school)? The homosexual-themed books especially are filled with XX-rated scenes and many of them involve teens of the same sex, sometimes pre-teens. We are not going to be able to remove these books unless we understand what we are fighting.

Here’s the “LGBTQ” defense:

·      “ You just want to remove these ‘LGBTQ’-themed books because you are a bigot!” When we respond that no, the primary objection is because they are obscene, the next talking point is:

·      “These books are necessary for marginalized youth to learn what being ‘LGBTQ’ is like in today’s world!” Our response might be, couldn’t books include homosexual teens without being explicit and hyper-sexual?

·      “Okay, then books covering sexual orientation, minus explicit sex, are acceptable, then?”

And we might end up affirming homosexually-themed lessons and books as long as they are not graphic. Most parents will very uncomfortably go along with this position, but when you accept  their movement’s claim to be “like race,” this is where you end up. And of course, this movement will renege on any concession given within a short time, because they have no problem with deceiving parents. We know that from the hot defense of their “right” to counsel children privately on both gender ideology and sexual orientation.

The most responsible position is this: get all “LGBTQ” material out of schools, period, along with the pro-“gay” and trans counseling.

4. No one is born homosexual (or in the wrong sex body) and school policies and programs that imply this are based on a huge deception.

Rather than attempt to cover the stunning lack of science, let’s just think about one point. Knowing the profit-motive of Big Pharma, don’t we all know that if any “gay gene” (or similar) research had turned out to be reliable, this industry would be developing testing? Pharmaceutical giants could make a fortune from concerned/curious parents alone.

Such testing is not being developed because their science has fallen flat. This emperor has no clothes.

So let’s stop burdening down our children with angst over this. Let’s dispense with the “gay-affirmative” school lessons, books and policies and admit the truth.

Will this happen? We may be too far down the road for now, but if Christians would stand on what they know, we could make a big difference.  And this is not hate but truth, which will work to everyone’s ultimate benefit.


Our current track will take us toward fully-embraced sexualization of children. The only way to stop it is to backtrack on normalizing homosexuality, as well as gender ideology, at school.

Do we have the spine to do this? It will be a huge fight, but it would honor God -- and protect our children--if we would do so.