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'Equality Act' Opens Back Door to Pedophilia

by Linda Harvey


Jason is 13 and wants to date his male 21-year-old student teacher. If the “LGBT” Equality Act passes through Congress, the age of consent barrier may fall and allow him to do so.


Perhaps by now you’ve heard of the so-called “Equality Act,” a sweeping bill that would declare homosexuality and gender confusion to be federal civil rights equivalent to race, religion, national origin, biological sex and so on.


This wicked bill, H.R. 5, right now has 240 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi has pledged to bring it up for a vote in late spring or early summer.


The way the bill is written prompts many concerns. HR 5 lacks any religious exemption, for one. So watch for announcement of a “compromise” to add accommodation for religious faith. This “deal” is already supported by  misinformed Christian groups like the NAE (National Association of Evangelicals). Weak Republicans, though, will welcome the exemption cover and jump on board. These exemptions would be ignored as “LGBT” bullies continue to steamroll over any attempt to obstruct their agenda.


But we cannot let this bill go forward because it may enable pederasty/pedophilia.


How? This horrific result won’t come through a new definition of “sexual orientation.” The bill now defines sexual orientation as “homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality.” An atrocious revision that includes alleged “born-that-way” pedophilia is probably coming, but not in this bill, and not right away.


No, the way this could happen pretty quickly is through the sexual civil rights accorded to children, and all the many new ways adults will find to “support” them—what saner heads would call “grooming.” All that has to happen for pedophiles to gain access is for minors to acquire newly-minted sexual identity “protections” and then their carefully-manipulated “choices” will pave the way.


So Tyler at age 10 can declare his girl identity and even how he wants to  express it. Be assured, there are “LGBT” lawyers ready to defend him pro bono. And parents will become irrelevant. How does that happen?


In Cincinnati last year, a teen girl was removed from the custody of her parents and held at Children’s Hospital for a month because the parents withheld consent for her cross-sex hormone treatment. 


So, think about this-- if a child can now legally consent to body mutilation, why not homosexual sex with whomever they please, including adults? There will certainly be judges willing to lower the age of consent if HR 5 becomes law.


After all, if consent can be given by minors for dangerous, life-changing hormones ( permissible now in Oregon, e.g.) there’s no reason (using radical, liberal logic) a middle schooler can’t have “safe” anal sex. Sex education programs promoted by Planned Parenthood, SIECUS and GLSEN maintain anal intercourse is a normal, manageable sexual activity.


Remember hearing the slogan, “No one can choose who they love!” What happens when 13- year-old Jason “likes” his 21-year-old male student teacher? Who just happens to “like” him back?


You may be thinking, “But civil protections barring adult-child sex will still be securely in place.” Really? 


Think again.


The young boys now parading before cameras on Good Morning America, at “pride” parades, even at a bar in Lancaster, Ohio, dressing as females and giving paid performances for adults --this is all a warm-up, calculated or not. There’s no specific law banning this behavior, although a case can probably be made for child corruption by lawmakers who care enough to do so. I’m hoping in my home state of Ohio that happens soon.


But don’t you know that under HR 5, boys who are 11 will have the “right” to say, “I can interact with adults however I want because I identify as a female performer.” All it will take to morph this into a “right” for a minor child to have sex with an adult is a carefully-chosen court case, and a challenge to age of consent will be launched. 


The chosen “partner” may be a teacher. Will the NEA mount a defense of their union member’s right to date a child? Probably.


And several key components might be that no assault is involved, no pregnancy is possible and  sodomy is no longer illegal, so how can it be corrupting? Obscenity laws are so weakly applied in many states that these won’t aid in a defense. Many academics now write papers insisting adult -child sex does no harm to children when they give “consent.” 


Law has traditionally held that minors are unable to give such consent. But that’s another barrier being smashed daily in many schools, with well-intentioned but age-inappropriate new state laws mandating “consent” lessons in the era of #MeToo. Administrators already routinely go behind parents’ backs to “support” gender-confused students in their emotional disturbance. 


Any school teaching “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) also teaches middle schoolers about consent, usually dwelling on saying “no.” But these kids simultaneously learn they have a right to say “yes,” even though this contradicts existing age of consent laws, which hold that minors cannot give consent to sex.


So back to the potential court case. Whether the parents are on board may not matter, which brings up the other huge boundary HR 5 would smash—parental rights.  You as a parent  will have no right to influence your child’s new sexual identity, in view of this bill ( if it becomes law)  that treats “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” as immutable. 


Which is a huge lie.


Age of consent for homosexual behavior is poised to fall. All the chess pieces are in place, and all “LGBT” activists need is for HR 5 to pass and then the weak-willed Senate to go along—for “compassion”— and certainly we can expect Mitt Romney, Rob Portman, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to do their part to aid depravity.


And then what if Trump, in a moment of compromise (possibly encouraged by his ill-informed daughter)—would sign it?


We cannot let this happen. If you think this can’t happen, then sit back and do nothing. 


But I am hoping that, like me, you are gravely concerned, and that you call every congressional representative in your state, including the Democrats. Tell them you will remember if they allow this deviant behavior to be legalized as a civil right.


Go HERE to see the bill and its co-sponsors.