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Parents Can Protect Kids On April 23 and April 27

(Warning: graphic content)


On his daily program on April 5, Rush Limbaugh revealedthe pornographic nature of school sex education, much of it tied to Planned Parenthood.


Big surprise? For many Americans, it probably was.


The medically-risky practices of asphyxiation for sexual pleasure and anal sex werecasually detailed by online counselorschatting with a journalist posing as a teen, and this was the basis of Rush’s discussion. The obvious risks were minimized. Teens access this Planned Parenthood-affiliated site because it’s a resource provided in many sex ed classes.


Rush exposed the rotten underbelly of “comprehensive sex education (CSE)” lessons that have one despicable goal: for American children to become proudly sexual as early as possible, bypassing parental rights, the legalities of “consent” and well-established risks.


Why? Who knows, but warped ideology plus profit are certainly high on the list.


Parents will have a chance next week to confront their schools on this as well as the depraved “LGBTQ” agenda.


Monday, April 23 and Friday, April 27 are two chances for parents nationwide to take a visible stand against child endangerment and immorality embedded in too many schools. Rush even mentioned the Monday, April 23 “Sex Ed Sit Out”on his program, so millions of his listeners got the message.


Will Americans act on this information? Will moms and dads take a public stand on April 23 against schools’ reckless promotion of sex in every degrading direction?


And on Friday, April 27, a great opportunity arises for parents who “wish somebody would do something” about the out-of-control homosexual agenda in schools. That’s the annual “Day of Silence”, where captive student audiences are subjected to unchallenged propaganda and must endure the victim-posturing silence of their peers during class to honor sodomy and gender rebellion.


But many parents are choosing to keep their kids home as part of the Day of Silence Walkout.


This annual event exemplifies “gay” manipulation and deception on a grand scale. Many schools refuse to allow another viewpoint, calling any challenge to the exploitation of children “hate.”


“LGBTQ” propaganda has invaded sex education. Planned Parenthood has linked arms with the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN and others to make sure these lessons are “inclusive.” Many parents will think this sounds compassionate and progressive.


Think again. It means that from sixth grade on, kids will be taught that anal and oral sex are normal and natural for adolescents and can be done “safely.”


Our sons and daughters are encouraged to experiment even with an older “partner.” Molestation is enabled as kids are groomed for abuse. When that older peer or predatory adult comes around, many kids will think their intimate intentions are normal.


When will communities stand up to the sexual bullies so tragically misleading our children?


Adequate warnings about STDs are often missing from lessons touted as “medically accurate” and abstinence is glossed over or treated with contempt. Kids are led to believe they are weird if they aren’t sexually active.


But the mental and moral abuse doesn’t stop at the close of the school day. When the explicit lessons end, teachers refer adolescents to websites like It’s Your Sex (Life)and Go Ask Alicefor more information.

So a 13- year-old who goes to Go Ask Alicecan click on topics like, “Semen in mouth—pregnant?” Or, “I need to see a doctor but I don’t want my parents to know I’ve had sex.”

Then there’s that question every middle schooler wonders about--- the “menage a trois” (a threesome).

What kind of perverts think this is helpful to kids? What kind of school board approves any curriculum with such resources?

Understandably, many parents have had it with the routine mental molestation of children in school. Oral, anal and vaginal sex, homosexual behavior and gender confusion are normalized along with hooking up and abortion.


The “Day of Silence” is actually a bullying-issue parasite, using legitimate concerns as its Trojan Horse to co-opt support for deviant conduct. Because of the extreme nature of this school-enabled pro-homosexual and pro-“transgender” activism, my group Mission Americaand many others support the “Day of Silence Walkout” to encourage parents to keep their children home that day. Go HEREfor more information.


Skip the “LGBTQ” propaganda, sometimes initiated by teachers and incorporated into lessons planned for that week. It’s even in school assemblies and rallies. “Day of Silence” is promoted as “student-led” but that’s a deceptive cover story. These are kids manipulated with copious misinformation by the actual sponsor -- GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.


GLSEN has little interaction with parents. They mislead impressionable kids directly, mostly online, without parental oversight.


Parental rights are under grave assault, with many families unaware until it’s too late. It’s very difficult to undo the damage to the teen girl privately encouraged to visit Planned Parenthood for birth control, who returns a year later for an abortion. She’s the perfect, profitable client for that monstrous organization.


It’s very difficult to repair the damage to the 12- year- old boy taught that he has a “right” to consent to sex--- and then does so (he believes) when a 21- year-old homosexual plies him with beer after a “pride” parade. Many middle and high school homosexual/”transgender” club members march with the adults in these perverted local parades. Schools do not provide warnings but often blithely encourage this opportunity for exploitation.


It’s all about being “inclusive,” of course.


It’s very difficult to repair the damage to the troubled girl counseled by her sex education teacher to pursue her dream of “becoming” a boy.


While many teachers would never violate children this way, unfortunately U.S. schools now employ plenty of radical adults who will do so, believing they are helping children “be who they are.”


So it’s time for parents to be who they are as well— the adults in charge, not just passive bystanders to sin and corruption.


Will this be the year parents no longer tolerate child abuse?


Next week is their chance.