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President Trump, Please Stop the Grenell Campaign

by Dr.Scott Lively

It’s a State Department pretext for perpetuating the Obama LGBT agenda worldwide


President Trump has put his conservative base in a terrible situation by allowing openly homosexual US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to lead a campaign to “legalize homosexuality” around the world. This gut-punch of a news story is being spun as a response to Iran’s recent execution of a homosexual man. While I believe I speak for most conservatives in saying I do not condone that execution, or capital punishment for any sexual crimes anywhere, I believe the Iran incident is simply a pretext for perpetuating the “All-In” Obama doctrine on LGBT issues by the US State Department, and I think President Trump has been persuaded to cooperate on the false argument that doing so will mitigate leftist hatred of his administration here at home.  


I have some bad news for President Trump: LGBTs and their surrogates in media, academia and government are IMPLACABLE. He will get no credit from the left, but will instead empower a small army of Trojan Horse “conservatives” among his base who are really progressive change-agents in disguise. 


Reasonable tolerance and sympathy for people who suffer from same sex attraction disorder is warranted – as is protecting them from violence – but sanitizing homosexuality and transgenderism as if they were morally, psychologically and behaviorally equivalent to sexual and gender normalcy is PC-driven lunacy. Indeed, that ideology is a central cause of the mental illness called progressivism. We must not allow that sophistry to overwhelm objective, self-evident, foundational truths in our conservative ranks or we will become as confused and irrational as the left. It is already spreading like a cancer


True conservatives are in a real bind, here. If we oppose the Grenell gambit, that fact will be spun by his leftist media allies as support for violence against homosexuals. But if we capitulate to idea that sexual deviance is a universal human right alongside true family values, what are conservatives actually working to “conserve?” How can we Make America Great Again if we openly embrace the corrosive LGBT sexual anarchy agenda that has been so instrumental in her collapse?


If I had President Trump’s ear, I would offer the following advice:


First, neutralize Richard Grenell on all LGBT issues and remove him as the leader of this campaign. Let Grenell focus on issues unrelated to his personal dysfunction and bring in a true conservative with no personal stake in LGBT issues. Show the world that you don’t have to be a homosexual or support the LGBT agenda to oppose violence against homosexuals and that the goal of opposing violence stands completely apart from the idea of normalizing alternative sexual lifestyles.


Second, very publicly, change the focus of the campaign from “decriminalizing homosexuality” to ending violence against homosexuals. At the same time, affirm that regulating sexual conduct in the interest of public health and morality is a valid exercise of government. Remind the world that from her founding until very recently America had always done so (see Bowers v Hardwick) until LGBT-champion Justice Anthony Kennedy sabotaged us with four Supreme Court majority opinions imposing LGBT cultural supremacy upon us: Romer v Evans (ruling that opposing homosexuality equals hate), Lawrence v Texas (legalizing sodomy and striking down Bowers), United States v Windsor(killing the federal Defense of Marriage Act), and Obergefell v Hodges (inventing a constitutional right to “gay marriage”). 


Third and finally, announce a new campaign to restore the marriage-based natural family to primacy around the world, pointing out that civilization is strongest and healthiest when its marriages and families are intact. Affirm America’s tradition of tolerance for those who choose not to adhere to the values of the family-centered mainstream, but proclaim a new era in which the life, health and innocence of children (born and unborn), and the cohesion of families will have priority in public policy. Speak forcefully against poisonous efforts to purge words like Mom and Dad from our language. Defend the right of young people to pursue therapy to reorient their “sexual orientation” to conform to the design of their bodies. Aggressively prosecute those who defile and mutilate children to advance non-binary “transgenderism” fantasies.  


I have long stated that I believe Donald Trump is God’s man in the White House, and I still believe that because I assume he does not yet have full control of the State Department (the deepest part of the deep state). Yet, the president should remember that God’s hand of favor has many times been withdrawn from His chosen men when they departed from His agenda. For God’s sake, and the sake of the critical MAGA vision for America, I pray that President Trump will defy the principalities and powers at work behind the Grenell campaign and quickly correct this serious error.