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Sex Education Extremism

Christian Kids-- and their Faith-- Not SAFE at School

At Vashon Island High School in the state of WA, thanks to a student “queer” group’s advocacy, bathrooms are now open to all genders, and it’s certain this will not end well. And


The Top 10 Child Corruption Trends of 2017

As we look back on 2017, how did our children fare? Unfortunately, the risk to America’s youth of deliberate corruption is escalating and along with that, the responsibility of parents and public


9 Examples of School-Sponsored Obscenity

(Warning: Graphic content) From coast to coast, parents are demanding answers from their schools. No, it’s not about academics. It’s about X-rated sex education that is the product of


Kids Indoctrinated with 'Social Emotional Learning'

Schools are ground zero for trendy experiments. How many can we name from the past few decades? Whole language, new math, anti-bullying programs, multicultural education, values modification,