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No Parents Allowed at School-Sponsored Sexual Corruption

[Warning: graphic content]

Are you comfortable with your child writing an English class paper about a “transitioning” male-to-female make-up artist? Or answering an essay question explaining why some people masturbate?

Or forced to act as a homosexual in a sex ed role-play in front of the whole class?

Or taught that “sexting” is here to stay, and the only issue is “consent”?

If this bothers you, it’s time to change schools or get active. Dangerously irresponsible sex education has arrived in almost every town, yet most parents still don’t think it’s relevant to their children, at their school. But “LGBTQ” lessons and “comprehensive” porn-based sex ed are boldly advancing and sexual anarchists are shoving parents aside as they insist on the right to corrupt your kids.

The only way parents can evict these sexual squatters from classrooms is to expose the filth and make lots of noise. But if you try, be prepared for dirty tricks.

Here are some recent examples of battles at the local level.

Washington State families are facing a brick wall of progressive obstacles and underhanded tricks over plans to put health clinics on site in schools. And conservative outrage is building as parents discern what such clinics will surely do: refer for abortions, prescribe contraception, and even possibly screen for and administer opposite sex hormones to gender-confused children. Some of it will be covered by insurance. A recent education hearing chaired by a Democrat refused to allow witnesses to engage in a full discussion of the impact of such clinics.

Parents in that state also have grave concerns about requirements to teach sex ed beginning in kindergarten. This mandate passed the Senate and is now before the House. And in a typically manipulative move, the opponent public testimony time was drastically reduced in a packed House hearing after Democrats used up 75 minutes on the front end to present the bill and hear from “working group” members.

Sometimes the truth does break through, however. The testimony of one young man exposed the reality that  “comprehensive sex ed” (CSE) can easily hook kids on porn. The curriculum used in Washington State contains numerous explicit sex definitions and when kids enter those phrases into a search engine, up pops every XXX-rated visual one can imagine. Apparently the hearing room fell silent as the young man shared his legitimate concerns.

The pressure for teens to initiate sexual activity is enormous. One portion of this proposed WA curriculum , a radical K-12 program from Advocates for Youth called “3 R’s—“Rights, Respect and Responsibility,” chastises any message of “shame” toward students who are having sex. In other words, this is normal, kids—go for it. It also tells students that “sexting” is here to stay, with the only thing to decide is “consent.”

The mental molestation of impressionable children and adolescents is predictably underestimated by Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and “LGBTQ” activists. In fact, it is becoming increasingly evident that this is acceptable to these extremists.

Illinois and New Jersey children will be forced to hear one-sided propaganda about homosexuals and gender-benders under recent laws that, like the measure embraced in California several years ago, mandate pro-“LGBTQ” lessons. In New Jersey, the Family Policy Alliance is sponsoring a petition to allow parents to opt their children out of such classes, not currently permitted under the new law.

Parents are being blocked in many states from previews of the often XXX-rated lessons. In Colorado, a bill requiring curricula to be available 90 days in advance to parents was killed in that state’s Senate.

In Fayette County, Georgia, parents are incensed over plans to install a new sex ed program based on textbooks advocated by Planned Parenthood and Trojan condom manufacturers. High schoolers will be answering an essay on why people masturbate and middle schoolers will hear advocacy of gender rebellion and the problem of “homophobia.”

Some of those who train teachers are hard-core homosexual and “trans” activists—and the schools know it. Don’t let a Ph.D. behind any consultant’s name prevent a closer look at the background.

In Pinellas County, Florida, a drag performer/stripper named Esme Rodriguez also served until recently as the safe and healthy schools coordinator of “Equality Florida” (homosexual activist group) and was invited to make presentations at teacher training workshops at the county school district. A transplant from Minnesota, she/he ( preferred pronoun is the ludicrous “they”) was the Statewide School Equity Director for OutFront Minnesota and was well known to pro-family parents for “LGBTQ” advocacy in Minnesota schools.

So, given the questionable public school influences, is the solution to transfer your kids to a Christian school? Depends on the school. Shop carefully.

In one large midwestern city several years ago, a school counselor in an all-girls’ Catholic school persuaded an emotionally-searching 16-year-old that all her problems would be solved if she identified as a male. She met the counselor privately without her parents’ knowledge. By the time she left for college, the teen—who had previously shown zero gender confusion—was  taking testosterone, soon changed her name and entered into a “marriage” with another woman. Her parents, who prefer to remain anonymous, are devastated.

And I have not even addressed the growing threat posed by libraries with the explosion of propaganda and obscenity available to children there. Books promoting “drag queens” to children and young boys dressing as seductive adult women are the latest topics this spring for your pre-school and elementary children.

Are you barfing yet?

You are thinking, what can be done? Well, you could decide that your child’s innocence is worth going to jail if necessary. This is the position of one man in the UK, who has withdrawn his son from school rather than allow deceitful gender propaganda to transform his child’s mind.

Does it have to come to that? Not in America yet, not if more parents become aware and get involved.

It’s time, friends. Do it now.