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Good News! There's No Bully Gene

There’s a great report coming out of genetic research. After painstaking study, scientists have determined there is, in fact, no gene for being a bully.

No gene for being a cruel oppressor who denies the rights of others. No gene driving loudmouth Hollywood celebrities who would love to seize and silence Republicans, Christians, and the entire pro-life movement.

So praise God, there’s hope of redemption for nasty leftists, Antifa followers, Satanists—and for “LGBTQ” activists.

By the way, there’s no “gay gene” either—another recent bit of fabulous news.

In a massive study from the UK, researchers were unable to pinpoint the desperately-sought linkages between same sex attraction and genetics. Biology remains firm in its stubborn refusal to validate sodomy.

Males and females do indeed fit together nicely. Thank you, Lord.

In this study published in Science, only a smattering of uncertain genetic connections were identified in a miniscule sub-population, so tenuous that NPR has given up, indicated by the headline, “Search for ‘Gay Genes’ Comes Up Short in Large New Study.”

Of course, activist groups are dancing a high wire to walk this back and keep the fictional narrative going. GLAAD said:

"This new research re-confirms the long-established understanding that there is no conclusive degree to which nature or nurture influence how a gay or lesbian person behaves."

Let’s dissect this convoluted statement. If a genetic connection can’t be identified, there is no unchanging and fixed sector of humanity called “gay and lesbian people.” A powerful lobby, yes, known for bullying conservatives and Christians. (There is not, by the way, news about gene research on bullying. Just kidding about that.)

Homosexuality remains, just as God revealed, a chosen, sinful behavior. People can engage in it, or not.

“Not” is the better option, according to God’s Word (Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, Matthew 19:4-6, Romans 1:26-28, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and elsewhere).

So like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, many will cling to the legend but the truth unveils a different story.

And we could all move on, except for one enormous problem: tyranny. Local, state and federal public policy decisions too numerous to list have passed because of an underlying assumption of inborn, unchangeable homosexual inclinations. “Non-discrimination” based on “sexual orientation,” for instance.

No, actually, any thinking person should have some big discriminating questions about the “sexual orientation” of homosexuality, but clever bullies have constructed a fable that it’s both innate (not true) and neutral (also not true.)

Or consider the Equality Act. Can we please, please just ignore this fascist bill?

But the “born that way” lie continues its enormous harm as millions of children are misled every public school day. Mandatory “LGBTQ” history lessons, as well as instruction in “safe” homosexual practices like anal sex even in middle school “comprehensive sex education.”

No, children are not born to engage in abnormal, destructive conduct. Homosexual feelings, especially those arising in childhood, can almost all be traced to sexual molestation or corruption.

Created, not born. Deviant desires that develop from.…abuse.

As we maintain the charade, we speed along an insane path to cultural suicide, exemplified through child sacrifice. Not achieved just by  homosexuality, but also through physical mutilation via “gender treatment.” Little boys are not “girls born in the wrong sex body.”

And of course, we are specifically and (thinking of many Democrats) enthusiastically destroying children through abortion.

Oh, the tangled web we weave, and so more lies are needed to support the old ones.

Perhaps most nakedly oppressive in a long line of fraudulent “LGBTQ” public policies are the therapy ban laws passed in numerous states and cities, outlawing counseling for those who want to lessen same sex attraction or gender confusion and align sexuality with anatomy. Many people have left these feelings and behaviors behind. Some proudly identify as ex-homosexuals or ex-transgenders.

Can we just declare that therapy bans are oppressive, rigid measures founded on fabrication? That they arise from hearts of darkness, where even the whisper of doubt about your chosen “gay” life can’t be tolerated? “We will make the sun rise in the West, and don’t tell us we can’t!”

What is so threatening to Lois Lesbian about a teen boy who doesn’t want homosexual feelings? Well, of course, it’s because buried but sometimes useful impulses—regret and shame—may resurface. She may have to face the unnatural elements of her behavior and its consequences throughout her life.

At the recent “Straight Pride” march in Boston, rage against heterosexuality boiled over. Thirty-six people were arrested and four police officers injured. Most of the trouble came, according to on-the-ground accounts, from counter-protesters, including Antifa. Shouts of “Nazis go home!” and “F**k Straight Pride!” attempted to equate a heterosexual-positive effort with “white supremacy.”  Then the pro-homosexual mob formed a human chain and shouted “Shame on You!” at police—apparently for protecting the “Straight Pride” paraders. It took tear gas to disperse this crowd of people who advocate “tolerance.”

And here we return to the good news about bullying and its sin origin. It can be overcome! People deserve the right to visit counselors to talk through their obsessive need to harass and silence those who tell the truth. They can confess that they are the actual haters, despising authentic believers while hurling phony accusations of bigotry.

Don’t worry, repentant totalitarian. No one will use “electric shock therapy” on you, or “aversion therapy.” These aren’t used in sexual orientation talk therapy either--- another persistent myth readily embraced by cowardly lawmakers and media propagandists.

God is merciful and will forgive anyone who truly repents. And when you come to our side and join the body of Christ, the pressure is gone. You are free to be your true God-designed self, to experience the sanity and peace of leaving Christ-denial behind.

He is everyone’s Savior, if we come to Him on His terms, and stop asking Him to kneel before us. That’s never going to happen, and I for one am thrilled that I don’t have to be god and neither do you.

And you don’t have to be a hate-filled liberal anymore. Or a homosexual. Because you never were, and that’s the very, very good news.