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Videos Reveal the TRUTH about Obscene Sex Ed Lessons

Do you believe that children in Ohio schools deserve an education free of obscenity? Well, I’m sure you do, yet in Ohio, many middle and high schoolers are unfortunately subjected to explicit material whether parents know and approve or not.

And you wouldn’t know that XXX-rated material is involved if you just accept the surface-level descriptions of these programs. They are called “comprehensive sex education”—CSE-- and that sounds so sane and safe, right? Who doesn’t want children to learn something that’s supposedly “comprehensive”?

And these lessons will also mention “abstinence,” parents are assured. But, not so fast. Here’s the reality. CSE programs are focused on using condoms, on teaching kids how to get to the nearest abortion clinic, how to think about possibly changing their gender, how to feel that homosexual behavior is normal, and how to quickly dismiss abstinence as virtually impossible.

Well, I am pleased to announce a joint project between Mission America and Ohio Value Voters has been launched called Protect Ohio Children, to expose what’s going on, and there is a video series you can watch to learn the awful truth. The reality is that here in Ohio, this should not be going on at all. We have a law in this state, passed in 1999, mandating that sex education in Ohio schools shall emphasize abstinence until marriage.

So why are obscene programs that lead underage students directly away from abstinence taught to children as young as 11? These lessons normalize teen sexual activity, condom use,contraception, abortion, homosexual behaviors and gender deviance. This is outrageous and it’s only going to end if parents get involved and say, “No way are schools going to corrupt my children and call it education.”

This series of videos cover in detail the CSE-type programs now being taught throughout Ohio. This information is all a result of a records request made by Ohio Value Voters and Protect Ohio Children, through the hard work of Diane Stover. On these videos Diane Stover and I reveal the atrocious content of lessons taught in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and elsewhere in the state.

And again, we have a law that abstinence is to emphasized, but these lessons lead kids in exactly the wrong direction, while using actually obscene references, resources and role-playing situations to do so.

The videos can be found at the website https://ohiovaluevoters.org/protect-ohio-children/ . Please watch and share them with others.