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Top 5 Reasons for Christians to Vote

Linda Harvey

Once  again, a very important election is upon us,  and as news outlets project much higher than usual turn-out, there are also reports that many Christians will once again fail to show up on election day.

I was mystified by this thirty years ago when I became a believer, and I am even more puzzled today. Here are the top five reasons why.

1.  America is unique and in this country, we get a voice about who leads our republic. That voice is our vote. In many other countries, the right to vote is highly restricted in myriad devious ways, like limiting political parties. Or voting is compulsory, which may render some votes meaningless.

Why do Christians fail to understand the incredible privilege Americans have to choose our leaders? I began to be much more concerned about politics after I became a believer because my eyes were opened to the gift that America is to the world, and to live here is an immense blessing. As much as we are able, we need to preserve that blessing, because American stability itself, and a vibrant Christian voice within this country, are clearly in danger.

2. The reason America is a blessing is because our freedoms and prosperity allow a worldwide voice to the Gospel and a Christ-centered international outpouring of aid for disasters, humanitarian and military. If America sinks under the weight of progressive moral sewage, lawlessness and Marxism, it’s because believers didn’t act. Don’t look at the other guys—it will be our fault. And if America goes, there is no other country with the unique features that have characterized our success. Global disruption will soon follow.

For Christians to rest in complacency, believing life will certainly continue as it has, reflects total cluelessness and deep ingratitude.

3. Voting doesn’t take much time and doesn’t mean we are obsessed with politics. This is a pathetically empty narrative that attempts to discourage many from understanding what’s at stake, appreciating America and wisely choosing public officials. To research the options and visit a polling place is a few hours’ investment, and it does not mean we are “putting our faith in politics rather than Jesus.” We know who our King is, but in the here and now, God has placed us in America. Use the helpful tool that He has provided—a vote for each citizen. We leave the result to Him, but we must be willing to do our part.

4. America is far from perfect but we have traveled a road that has improved, not harmed the lives and opportunities of millions over three centuries. Because of America and the opportunity for sharing the Gospel, millions more know the truth of Jesus Christ.

Lies that attempt to mischaracterize positive American achievements are motivated by jealousy, rebellion, or sedition. The person who has been sober for twenty years does not deserve to be told, “You’ll always be a drunk!” Likewise, American constitutional freedoms do not merit the misrepresentation that our country was and still is “systemically racist,” “colonizers,” etc. We need to keep working toward a higher ideal yet recognizing what has been accomplished, and that will only happen if the divisiveness stops and a constructive attitude emerges. Out of a grateful heart comes a willingness to do our part and vote.

5. The loss of our freedoms is a very real danger and we can see it every time a Democrat speaks (not that Republicans are always saintly). The leaders of that party are, knowingly or not, actively working toward America’s demise, and every believer should have alarm bells going off at what they see. Cities burning, crime unpunished, a weak and corrupted military, drugs and human slaves pouring over our unregulated southern border, out-of-control spending, a foolish and tax-gobbling “climate” hysteria, depravity shoved at innocent children, and unborn children sacrificed to “women’s rights.” All aided by a complicit media refusing to tell the truth. The lies and evil are often overwhelming. I am tired of being mischaracterized as a "domestic terrorist" when complaining about XXX-rated porn in schools. Thankfully, many people suddenly do seem to understand the threats and know that, as long as we can assure that elections are not stolen with phony votes in long-time corrupt, Democrat stronghold cities, we can perhaps bring order out of the encroaching chaos and danger.

Voting is an act of peaceful, responsible citizenship you can take. My fellow believers, make sure you pray for guidance, do your homework and then do your part. Vote!