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To Our Critics (Again) ...No, I Never Said That

by Linda Harvey

Once again, some blogger out there is totally mischaracterizing my writing. Why the desperation to try to discredit us conservatives?


And sadly, many people dutifully believe these inaccuracies and then send me nasty, misguided emails. I urge you, folks, to think for yourselves and check the facts.


Here’s the latest. Because I write often about sex education and sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, syphilis, etc., I refer to some of the sex practices that young students are being encouraged to engage in.


It’s not just vaginal sex, but also anal and oral sex.( And it's so sad that any of us have to talk about this, but the truth must be told.)


And the biggest push for including these practices in sex education ( often in inappropriate detail) is coming from the “LGBT” activist community, because they don’t (as often) engage in vaginal sex , but do engage in these practices and more.


So somewhere out on the web—I don’t even want to know where—some blogger is apparently writing that “Linda Harvey believes heterosexuals don’t have anal and oral sex.” How they get this from what I’ve written is hard to figure, until you read one paragraph from a column I wrote. Here’s the paragraph:


‘And let’s not forget the deadly contribution of ‘LGBTQ’ advocates who demand ‘inclusive’ sex ed —i.e., lessons that outline in detail how kids can engage in anal and oral sex, the sex practices of homosexuals. These lessons often encourage masturbation and pornography use.”


Now, a thoughtful person would get the gist of this paragraph, but if you are looking to distort and mischaracterize—for the umpteenth time—the work of a conservative who criticizes homosexual behavior, you would say, “Aha! I’ll just claim that when Harvey writes that oral and anal sex are the ‘sex practices of homosexuals’ that she means that only homosexuals, and never heterosexuals, engage in these! And she will look really clueless!”


I am assuming this person understands that I know this, and simply has a goal to distort and undermine. If this person does not get that, he or she dwells within a world of myopia and ignorance that should totally discredit his or her work.


I don’t even want to find out where this is coming from—it’s just too frustrating.


In case anyone still believes that I actually believe that no heterosexuals have anal and oral sex, let me just make it very clear to the leftist sheep out there. Public health stats clearly show they do, and since I report on these all the time, of course I know this.


And if you care to check the facts NOW, here are several articles I’ve written where it’s pretty clear I understand all this: Go HERE, HERE and HERE.


May I make one final point? Please stop supporting the destruction of your own lives and those of others. The Lord is good and merciful and has designed sex for within the bounds of marriage—the authentic male/ female kind. And it works wonderfully well.