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Target, Kohl’s, Girl Scouts Team up with Child Corrupter GLSEN

Linda Harvey

The betrayal of Target gets more horrifying the closer you look. The growing movement to boycott the retailer is justified by its sale of offensive “pride” items to adults as well as children. And then there’s Target’s partnership with an avowed satanist designer.

But at the top of my long list of Target sins is the company’s proud support of one of the most radical groups existing in America today.

Target has been a generous donor to the tune of over $2 million to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN, and a senior brand manager at Target also serves on the GLSEN board as treasurer.

What’s the problem with GLSEN? The group’s three- decade goal has been to insert the homosexual and gender distortion agenda into K -12 schools through a variety of actions and I would say that the word “target” absolutely describes what GLSEN has been doing to other people’s children.

But Target is not alone in linking arms with pawns of the devil. Kohl’s also donates to this group. And now the Girl Scouts award a “pride” badge after Scouts complete a number of questionable activities. They can report on the “contributions” of homosexual outlaws such as Harvey Milk (a known pederast) or learn “key concepts and terms” (i.e., the phony “pride” lexicon) from GLSEN. And to complete the seduction of wide-eyed innocents, Girl Scouts may consult GLSEN’s book recommendations.

Why not just send Girl Scouts directly to porn sites? Because that’s what these books contain. More on that later.

Allow me to share for a moment the reasons I have tracked and reported on the actions of GLSEN for over twenty years. It grieves my heart to think about impressionable children and teens being exploited by this organization, its activities and its teacher members.

Often the children most attracted to exploring “LGBTQ” identities and behaviors are those who are lonely and lost, neglected at home, given little supervision about online garbage they may encounter (including porn), and usually unchurched. They may have been molested somewhere along the way. They crave a sense of belonging and are easy to manipulate. At the most pivotal and vulnerable time of adolescence, here comes the ice cream truck selling rainbow-and -“love”- adorned poison.

Poor, deceived kids!! Where is the church of Jesus Christ in calling out to stop the evil actions of GLSEN and other groups like them? I wrote an article several years back urging people to pray for GLSEN and other groups. And we absolutely should.

But until these folks turn to the Lord, the damage they are doing needs to be stopped-- in a civil way, of course, using our votes, our voices and our wallets.

GLSEN’s first mission was to establish high school homosexual clubs, called “gay-straight alliances.” Current clubs are often called “gender and sexuality alliances“ to include all the many genders these extremists sadly persuade children they can be. After high school clubs, GLSEN pushed middle school clubs and now even a few elementary schools offer this blatant corruption to children.

Then, GLSEN also had an early goal to promote homosexual-themed books for adolescents featuring a “Book Link” that listed the group’s recommendations.

I spent some time reading those early books. After I stopped crying (and then screaming) about the deviant content, I was determined to do what I could to expose GLSEN’s vile  “outreach” to youth.

The content of those early GLSEN books is uniformly pro-homosexual and pro-gender distortion. They subtly or overtly mock and twist Christianity with unflattering portrayals of believers. There’s no balance, no “inclusion” of the sweet fellowship of the body of Christ, of the beauty of sexual virtue as God designed, and the positive impact Christ’s followers have on communities and America.

And even in 2002, GLSEN chose books with graphic sex scenes between homosexual teens, including hook-ups. Several titles featured adults reminiscing about their first sexual experiences as teens, encounters which involved adult partners.

In other words, GLSEN was giving tacit approval through these narratives for sex between adults and minors.

After several years of publicizing GLSEN’s predatory “Book Link,” I noticed that the link was no longer available. But that didn’t mean GLSEN was quitting. No, in more recent years, GLSEN’s determination to reach children morphed into its book collections that companies like Target and other donors can sponsor. These are then donated, unfortunately, to schools.

The reality is that there are now hundreds of books for kids with “LGBTQ” themes, many more than existed when GLSEN began this project. Virtually all of them include twisted “woke” sexual and gender ideology and many also feature XXX- rated material. Consider just one, for instance—a book called George by Alex Gino, which appears on both the middle and high school recommendations. “Age inappropriate” does not begin to cover the problems with this book.

So GLSEN is a purveyor and promoter of pornography. Target, Kohl’s and Girl Scouts, by promoting GLSEN, are helping to distribute obscene material to children throughout the country.

GLSEN also conducts an online survey with invalid results, its “School Climate Survey.” Sadly, this survey is often used in legislative testimony to advocate for elements of the “LGBTQ” agenda. The survey is a sham. I know of conservative adults who have taken the “Climate Survey” posing as “LGBTQ” teens, just to see if they could. It worked. Which means that this survey’s results can be manipulated by faux participants to achieve whatever findings GLSEN wants. Anyone can log in, pose as an adolescent, and claim to be misunderstood or “unsafe.”

This is GLSEN’s term for being around people who object to homosexuality and gender distortion, and physical violence is not the issue. That’s already punished under every school conduct code. Kids who have been persuaded to identify as “LGBTQ” are told they are only “safe” around those who verbally approve. Disapproval is not allowed. This is “inclusion,” GLSEN believes. GLSEN produces  “Safe Space” posters so that teacher/counselor supporters can mark their territory (and thereby exclude those without the right viewpoint).

Then there’s GLSEN’s recent support of excluding parents from the lives of children. Many schools have adopted secret “transgender support plans” that allow for teachers and staff to accommodate a child’s gender confusion during the school day while concealing that action from parents. GLSEN has a model policy that has sadly been adopted by many school districts.

And to round out its anti-parent, child corruption reputation, the GLSEN web site recently added escape instructions for kids. “Leave this site safely“” appears on a pop-up screen at the initial site visit, apparently for kids who want to conceal their visit from parents.

So GLSEN is not a friend to parents. But Target, Kohl’s and the Girl Scouts love them.

Just one more reason, friends, to boycott all of them. And also, while we’re at it, to eject GLSEN from every school in America.