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Suicide, Sex and The School Trauma Cult

Linda Harvey

Children embody our future hopes and dreams. But some parents are willing to deal with the devil, betting tomorrow’s dreams against today’s comfort.

The bargain is suicide prevention, or so they are told. “Would you rather have a dead son or a living daughter?” asks the indoctrinated gender clinic psychologist. After all, “everyone knows” that if mom and dad say “no” to their child’s immediate cross-sex mutilation (chemical or surgical), suicide is the guaranteed outcome.

As with many flimsy progressive ideologies, this one also turns out to have no skeleton. But powerful forces have a vested interest in feeding and nurturing this fable, so it flourishes.

Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Education, and Big Gay are aligned with the current White House to present only one alternative to families—go along with urging children toward “LGBTQ” behaviors, or you are a horrible parent. And also probably a racist.

But what’s causing the explosion in the number of youth drawn to sexual anarchy to begin with? Could this increase be the result of school and cultural encouragement, not a naturally-occurring phenomenon?

Teen anxiety, depression and suicidality are tragically on the rise in the past decade. So for all the reasons our youth are under stress, sexual or otherwise, schools are receiving billions to hire counselors, social workers and “trauma” managers. ESSER and the American Rescue Plan allocated massive funds for school counseling, social emotional learning, neatly aligned with “diversity, equity and inclusion.” And when you hire more counselors, they will find ways to justify/retain their positions.

Like micro-analyzing your children.

There are multiple ways schools are stimulating the current crisis in child mental health, including quizzing them repeatedly about stress, depression, and potential for self-harm. But the classroom is not exclusively to blame. Social media, family breakdown and the stink of the cultural sewer are also obvious accessories.

But let’s explore just a few of the ways schools corrupt children and enable the resulting anxiety and hopelessness.

A disproportionate number of student suicide attempts can be attributed to stresses over sexuality. One recent report found that, “27% of young Americans with anxiety or depression were LGBT in 2021.”

Yet the left refuses to acknowledge some glaring causes. Many of these kids are bullied and anti-bullying programs spotlighting “LGBTQ” students as frequent victims are now a staple in many schools. And certainly no bullying should ever be tolerated. But there’s an available solution -- move children away from these non-biological identities, since they not only arise from but perpetuate emotional problems.

But no. The progressive narrative will not consider this provable solution. There is one road: “LGBTQ” is great, traditional values are bigotry, no matter how many kids suffer.

Bullying isn’t the real problem for most kids. Disapproval of “LGBTQ” expression is far less likely to prompt suicide ideation than easy access to cross-sex therapies. A new study reveals the correlation between available “gender-affirming treatment” and higher suicidality among these youth.

This is the “woke” house of cards. After traumatizing children with offensive drag performances, drenching them in “born that way” and “transition” advocacy, surveying them repeatedly about “orientation,” offering them homo-obscenity disguised as literature, and conspiring with them to conceal their magic potion identities from parents, experts pretend to be shocked that the most vulnerable kids are sent over the edge.

First, encourage delusional behavior. Add some persuasive YouTube videos and porn, and a “trusted adult” (not a parent) as your queerness cheerleader.

Unless sane intervention occurs, a child’s grip on reality, dreams and ideals will continue to deteriorate with further isolation from parents and home values.

This grand manipulation has all the earmarks of a cult. Every child who can be turned from natural, God-given biology is a notch on the belts of these adult scorekeepers and their anti-hetero, self-validation goals.

They don’t care about children unless they can pin a homosexual or trans identity on them. The child who manages to slip away from “queer” expression no longer holds interest and becomes an anecdote in the narrative about the “dangers” of pro-heterosexual counseling: they were denied the chance to “be who they really are.”

The CDC has discovered in its Youth Risk Behavior Survey that high schoolers who identify as “gay, lesbian, bisexual” or “unsure” report far more high-risk behavior than their heterosexual peers including substantially higher rates of depression, suicide attempts and drug use. Of course, the unreliable CDC has an explanation acceptable to progressive overseers: the cause is surely societal and family stigma.

Yet “stigma” is an unsatisfactory explanation for teens who report having had four or more sexual partners  (significantly higher among non-heterosexual teens) or having sex before age thirteen. When adolescents recklessly experiment with substances and risky sexual behavior, they are already deeply troubled for any number of reasons.

Then, add a school counselor’s anti-parent secrecy pact, and for the child, there’s no way out. Our hearts should break over these children who are guinea pigs in a wicked agenda.

But to get the whole picture about unconscionable child corruption, we must look at the outside “resources” many schools recommend to students.

The Trevor Project deserves some intense scrutiny. This suicide hotline specializing in “LGBTQ” youth is widely used as a resource but is little more than a homosexual/gender deviance advocacy platform with unsupervised chat space. Age is unchecked and private conversations can lead children into high-risk behavior, possibly through peers or adults providing “support.”

Brenda Lebsack of Brenda4Kids.com has done some intense research on outside groups given access to kids because schools urge students to text their concerns. She has probed the Trevor site and believes this group to be worthy of law enforcement investigation.

Brenda pointed out that Trevor gave an award in September 2021 to Lil Nas X, whose songs promote all types of random hook-ups and even heavy hints at adult-child sex. “Shoot a child in your mouth while I'm riding” is one line among the other vulgarities in his song, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).”

This is a role model for the depressed teen?

When an adolescent accesses the Trevor site, he will first be validated in his suicidality: “The Trevor Project’s 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health demonstrates that rates of suicidal thoughts have trended upward among LGBTQ young people over the last three years...”

The next access point at Trevor is “talk to a counselor” or enter a chat room in Trevor Space, which is “...an affirming, online community for LGBTQ young people between the ages of 13-24 years old. With over 400,000 members across the globe, you can explore your identity, get advice, find support, and make friends in a moderated community intentionally designed for you.” But on Trevor, ages are blended and vetting is absent. Lots of “support” is given, uniformly affirming homosexual/gender deviant behavior.

Brenda found that counselors advise kids they can give out their phone number to people they meet in chat rooms once they “establish trust.” Counselors are fine with keeping all this from parents.

Any concerns here about sex trafficking? No, I’m sure we’re just overly Karenizing.

Among the Trevor chat rooms are Gay Men's Club, Witchcraft Club, Furries Club, Non-binary Club, Roommates Club, or Chosen Family: “...meet people who are like siblings, parents to you...”

The former head of governmental relations for Trevor is Sam Brinton, who is  Biden’s latest nuclear waste disposal hire at the Department of Energy. Sam is into bondage and “kink” and is very open about his affinity for “pup handling” ( leading around other men in leashes).

The confused child who accesses Trevor will end up more distressed but also corrupted. Is this a path to positive mental health?

Yet Trevor is listed as a resource on many school and education websites. The Ohio Department of Education has a link, as do local schools (see here, here and here.)

Suicide “prevention” or suicide production? You decide.