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Resolution: Stand Up to "LGBT" Bullies in 2020

Who are the real bigots and bullies in America today? We all know the answer. The body count is piling up of those who’ve capitulated to sexual rebel demands. And it’s not because these folks occupy the high moral ground.


Corporations, schools, politicians and everyday moms and dads give in to the "LGBT" bullies mostly out of fear. Chick Fil A and Hallmark are the latest prominent examples of appeasement as once family-friendly companies attempt to buy off this mob.


It won’t work and now both face boycott actions by their largest audience—conservative Christians.  This is the face of corporate stupidity.


And then there’s the unjust and unfair “Fairness for All Act” sponsored by a few congressional Republicans. There must be big “LGBT” donors lurking somewhere, because H.R. 5331 is an obvious dead-end mistake that will only serve to alienate GOP voters.


So how do you deal effectively with bullies? 


Stand up to them. And we need more standing in 2020.


As Christians, this does not mean we answer evil for evil, but we do stand our ground, especially to protect the innocent. And even though everyone would like to ignore it, a growing sexual corruption coalition is aggressively pursuing  children in schools, libraries, and online.


But be prepared, because confronting these extremists is not always easy. 


Let me tell you about Lynn Meagher. I interviewed this Seattle-area mom on my radio show recently, and Hallmark, Chick Fil A and the GOP sponsors of the so-called “Fairness Act” should take note here of what the “LGBT” movement really is all about. Lynn shared her shocking discovery that high-risk sexual behavior and gender deviance were being promoted to children at a “Teen Pride” event targeting youth ages 9 to 19 at her local taxpayer-funded library.


When will Hallmark feature a movie about this? 


Even though Lynn and several friends observed the event and documented it on video, they did so peacefully but were eventually escorted out of the library by police, accused of “criminal trespass.” That happened in June. Her videos of the event went viral.


Moms who uncover the obscene truth are considered the threat, not the depraved gyrations of the “drag queen” who performed for young children at the library. Nor the pornographic, medically-risky information given out to pre-teens and teens. More on that later.


Following that Renton, WA event and in another recent situation, Meagher has been targeted and harassed both online and in person by a coalition including Antifa members. 


Lynn is an accidental activist, now the founder of a network of moms called “A.S.K. Moms ( Against Sexualizing Kids).” She never intended to become an avid spokeswoman exposing this anti-child movement. But circumstances and God’s conviction can raise people up for such a time as this, despite the doxing, targeting and persecution the “LGBT” mob unleashes. 


She told me she has “nothing left to lose” because two of her three adult children have embraced an opposite sex identity, including hormones and surgery. First her son, now in his thirties, declared his intention to live as a woman, and years later his younger sister began calling herself a male. Because Lynn did not affirm these decisions, even though she still expressed her maternal love for them, they and a younger sibling have cut off communication. 


Hers is a determined attempt to warn other families and confront those drawing vulnerable minors into these behaviors. A poignant article about the toll the “trans cult” has taken on her family was published earlier this year in The Christian Post.


What Lynn found at the Renton library was truly shocking, and it’s why the police were called. A common weapon is often deployed by radicals when they are caught-- accusing  concerned families of being “unsafe” while they proceed to molest the minds, hearts and sometimes, bodies of impressionable kids.


At the Renton library, chest-binders for girls were being raffled off for  confused teen girls wanting to appear masculine. Who could possibly believe it’s “progressive” to encourage girls to permanently damage developing breasts while restricting breathing and causing lung complications? Are we regressing to the days of Scarlett O’Hara again?


But the irresponsible child destruction didn’t end there.  On library display tables were free condoms, lubricant and penis-shaped bookmarks. And then Lynn noticed material promoting “PrEP” medication. This is short for “pre-exposure prophylaxis.” The drug Truvada is now being pushed by public health entities all over the country to “males who are sexually active with other males” in an effort to prevent HIV. 


That’s because the health profession resists what actually works. There’s little use of the “A” word--- abstinence.


Lynn asked a young fellow at the table why this was offered to teens.


The answer was stunning. There is apparently a program in Washington State promoting this medication to young males. Lynn wanted to know about parental knowledge or permission. Not needed, was the answer, and there’s even an educational program for better “access”  led by PrEP “navigators”—those who steer kids around their parents while finding a medical provider.


She asked, what age male would qualify for this drug. The answer—“77 pounds.” That’s the weight of an average 10 or 11- year-old boy. 


This is consistent with guidelines given by an organization funded with a grant from HHS. The FDA in 2018 approved use of PrEP as a prevention drug for those who weigh at least 77 pounds.


A boy this age having sexual encounters with other males? Why is there a federal/state drug program to enable statutory rape?


Meagher recognizes the danger these radicals pose to families. Their fascist tactics of terror, intimidation and denial of free expression targeted Lynn Meagher’s scheduled speech to a small Tacoma Republican group in November. About twenty people were expected at a restaurant where the group regularly met. But a local “LGBT” group posted notices on social media and the restaurant was inundated with hateful calls and emails, including a threat to burn the facility down. The restaurant eventually caved under the pressure, and told the Republicans to meet elsewhere.


When the meeting moved to a pizza café, the hateful stalkers followed them. The group then left that restaurant for a third ,where they were targeted once again by the supporters of “tolerance.”


Meagher told me that one of the group who uses a wheelchair was followed on the bus home by an Antifa member and after exiting the bus, confronted again.


Despite this treatment, Lynn’s commitment is solid. She will press on. 


Now you are thinking, these stories do not make me want to stand up to these bullies. But you know what? God is still in control and He equips us to do the work needed. 


How do we deal with bullies? We don’t cave to their intimidation. Support the boycott of Hallmark by AFA, for instance.


Let’s keep exposing the danger to our children, and support the courageous among us like Lynn Meagher. 


Hopefully, many more will rise up  in the coming year.