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OSU Sex Week is a Sleazy DEI Joke

Linda Harvey

Valentine's Day is coming up on February 14th, and the theme of love apparently triggers a whole array of opportunities designed by the sexual anarchist groups in our culture to promote dangerous and high risk behaviors and identities, especially to our youth.

Well, at Ohio State University, they have been holding what they call “Sex Week” around Valentine's Day for several years and it has gotten more and more graphic, including many so-called workshops describing every sex act imaginable-- like, for instance, sado-masochism. That is also on the menu this year.

Also this year, they're including workshops telling college students how dangerous crisis pregnancy centers are, and another that recommends sending Valentines to abortion providers-- in other words, clinics and individuals involved in the destruction of unborn human life.

There is no alternate workshop on the beauty of creating new life through the love of a man and woman in marriage, which is something that definitely should be celebrated at Valentine's Day. But this viewpoint is missing in “diverse” OSU sex week workshop choices.

Another workshop an OSU student can attend, however, is one teaching about being transgender-- you know, males pretending to be females or vice versa, and then all the irreversible body-damaging drugs and surgery one can choose during that time of confusion. None of this dangerous conduct is ever necessary because no one is born in the wrong sex body, but OSU’s Sex Week operates in a realm far, far removed from science, sound health and reality.  

Of particular note is who is leading this workshop--the group Kaleidoscope Youth Center, a Columbus drop-in center promoting “LGBTQ” behavior to vulnerable children that requires no parental permission for students as young as 12, although what child that age has an ID? There’s no accountability.  

Here’s what that website says:

“During Center Based Program hours, KYC is closed to anyone who is over 20 or under 12 years old. This includes parents, guardians, family, counselors, etc.”

We’ve been sounding the alarm for years about the “non-profit” grooming going on at Kaleidoscope in a parent-free space where college students are invited to attend with late grade school and middle-schoolers. And at this OSU workshop, attendees are promised “gender-affirming apparel,” meaning chest binders for actual females and tucking material for actual males. This is body-damaging behavior and no academic institution touting its renowned medical center should be advocating this.

Apparently these items will be sold to some, not just given away, and other workshops will feature products for sale as well ( like sex toys), which brings to mind the corporate sponsorship of all this deviance.

Always follow the money.

And diversity? As usual in today’s public universities, it’s totally missing amid continual claims that it’s everywhere.

Here’s the email I recently sent to the OSU Office of Ethics:

Dear Ethics Office:

I am writing to register a citizen complaint about the activities of Sex Week at OSU.

Some portion of our tax dollars goes to fund this, and certainly the actions of a Big 10 university should uphold high standards that reflect well and are inoffensive to the entire Ohio community.

Yet Sex Week is radically engaged in selling, with the help of cooperative vendors, high-risk, reckless, life-altering behavior to students. Does sado-masochism actually have a positive side? Not in the view of most Ohio citizens or parents/alumni of OSU. How about chest binding for gender-confused girls? The vendors selling ropes, sex toys and binding apparel are all in favor, but I am guessing there are many people who think this is a road to severe body and soul damage, much of it irreversible. 

And Sex Week's pro-abortion advocacy is nauseating. Could a perspective be included (in a spirit of “inclusiveness”) that doesn’t insult crisis pregnancy centers, calling them “dangerous”? I’ve served on the board of such a center and we helped moms to re-think their decisions and choose life. There are thousands of human beings alive today who would not be, if not for the courageous work of such centers.

Does Sex Week have to dismiss the worth of unborn human life— and those with a pro-life perspective— by recommending that Valentines be sent to abortionists? Give me a break. This is an in-your-face insult to the humanity of babies and a denial of the life-destruction that actually occurs at abortion clinics.

If OSU is going to allow this anti-science, anti-health event ( all the while pretending it’s otherwise), many of us would appreciate some actual diversity and inclusiveness, not the one-sided, depressing, unhealthy picture of “love” presented. 

I hope you will consider my comments.

Signed-- Linda Harvey, President, Mission America

Take action. Send an email as I did to the Office of Ethics at OSU at integrity@osu.edu . Or how about the new Ohio State president, Ted Carter? Email him at president@osu.edu . Or call the attorney general of Ohio and make a discrimination complaint. Where’s the representation for the pro-life viewpoint? That number is 800-282-0515.