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Ohio Schools Defying State Law will Endanger Children

Linda Harvey

UPDATED--Some people think it’s okay if confused 14-year-old girls seek out surgeons to amputate their healthy breasts after being persuaded they should try to become males. It’s also apparently okay if adolescent boys are chemically castrated and unable to father children. Ever.

Teens who take puberty blockers followed by opposite sex hormones are often unable to experience sexual pleasure, because their systems are permanently screwed up by these unverified, experimental “gender transition” treatments. For some, that is apparently an acceptable sacrifice to the idols of “LGBTQ” supremacy.

Tragically, certain school board members defiantly seek to follow the mythology, not the science, and even defy state law. Ignoring/violating existing law is a big thing these days with Democrats (e.g., Biden at the border, city councils and district attorneys in blue cities who refuse to prosecute crime, Biden’s proposed unauthorized re-vamp of Title IX law, etc.).

Our children are, sadly, the victims of these idiots who are on the wrong side of current public opinion. A recent poll shows that 67% of voters from across the political spectrum oppose medical and surgical gender treatments for minors.

At a specially-convened meeting of the Upper Arlington (OH) school board on February 8, the members passed a resolution ( 3-2)  expressing defiance toward recently enacted state law. That law, House Bill 68, bans medical and surgical treatment of minor children for the purposes of so-called “gender change.” It also bans males from playing on female-only sports’ teams.

Here's the UA resolution:

Whereas, the mission of Upper Arlington Schools is to challenge and support every student, every step of the way; and

Whereas, Upper Arlington Schools' strategic plan specifically focuses on the well-being of students and staff members, including creating a sense of belonging for all; and

Whereas, the strategic plan defines a sense of belonging as a person's feeling of safety and connectedness where they can be authentic, supported by an inclusive culture that intentionally promotes relationships, builds trust and celebrates individuals; and

Whereas, the district has taken action steps to implement the strategic plan, including through professional learning for staff and community involvement; and

Whereas, the Board of Education has made known through its policies that it will not discriminate against students or staff members on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender identity:

Whereas, the Ohio General Assembly recently took action to override the governor's veto of House Bill 68; and

Whereas, House Bill 68 impacts the lives of students who are transgender and students who are questioning their gender identity;

Therefore, the Upper Arlington Board of Education resolves to stay true to its mission, strategic plan, and policies and to continue to support all students, including those who are transgender and those who are questioning their gender identity.           


House Bill 68 in reality does not discriminate against anyone, but so goes the irrational thinking of gender radicals including many on school boards.

This resolution claims to care about the “well-being” of students. Promoting gender deviance will not create a state of well-being, but will instead tragically endanger the physical and mental health of their students. Gender medical procedures are not necessary but elective, controversial and result in permanent bodily harm. And therefore, they are inappropriate for children.

And what an abysmal example this board is setting to students, that it’s okay to publicly defy state law. And yet another area of recklessness is the apparent cluelessness about future educator liability. Students who later “detransition” after bodily harm may return to these schools with lawsuits in hand.

One wonders, does an Upper Arlington “inclusive culture” allow for the many families and students who do NOT agree that “LGBTQ” behaviors are helpful or appropriate as promotion points in K-12 schools? What about ex-homosexuals or de-transitioners? Would their voices be “included?” I am guessing the answer would be no, and if so, this resolution includes yet another deceptive claim.

Let’s be honest. Single viewpoint tyranny that puts children in danger-- that is what this is.

But it wasn’t only Upper Arlington. The Worthington (OH) School District passed a slightly different, still defiant resolution:

Statement Regarding the General Assembly’s Recent Attack on LGBTQ+ Students: 

As leaders in Worthington City Schools, whose duty it is to make sure EVERY student feels safe, respected and included, we are deeply disappointed that the General Assembly has chosen to defy the governor, medical community, the Ohio High School Athletic Association, LGBTQ+ community, and parents of trans kids to target an already vulnerable group of Ohio's children. All children, including our transgender students, want and deserve an educational experience that includes learning, friendships, clubs and often times, athletics.

Worthington Schools students and families can be assured our commitment to student safety and well-being remains unwavering.  This is true even though the work will become more difficult in less than 90 days when House Bill 68 goes into effect and with the proposal of additional unnecessary legislation targeting our LGTBQ+ community.   

Counselors are available to our trans students to provide additional support during this difficult time. It is critical that every Worthington Schools student knows they are an important part of our diverse community and never feels discriminated against or marginalized. The never-ending work to foster that inclusivity and sense of belonging across the district will continue despite this recent setback. 

We want our transgender students to know – We support you. We love you. You belong.

Worthington Board of Education Members:  President Nikki Hudson, Vice President Kelli Davis, Jennifer Best, Amber Epling-Skinner, Stephanie Harless

Superintendent: Dr. Trent Bowers


Sounds like secret counseling behind parents’ backs will be/is taking place in Worthington. There is no immutable separate category of student called “transgender.” There are biological males and females and a few are confused about gender. Responsible adults would help them overcome this confusion to embrace reality, and that is the absolute best long-term result for these children.

Then, the Bexley (OH) City Schools took a similar action. You can read their resolution HERE. And Westerville City Schools sent an email to all parents objecting to the law.You can read about it HERE.

One lawmaker is speculating that these actions are carefully calculated to provide ammunition for a possible ACLU lawsuit challenging House Bill 68. “The grassroot are crying out!” or something similar may form one argument the ACLU intends to make, even though the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has already upheld similar laws in Tennessee and Kentucky.

What about the outcry of future 22- year-olds, wondering why they were betrayed with fake science and unsupportable ideology? And who end up with ravaged, mutilated bodies?

Those who defy this law endanger children. Any board members who voted for these measures in these or other Ohio school districts should be ousted as soon as possible.