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OH House Bill 616 Has Strong Potential for Child Protection

Linda Harvey

The screaming is becoming monotonous. Virtually every objection raised against Ohio House Bill 616 is incorrect. Outrage from “LGBTQ” activists, some major newspapers, the teachers’ unions, and some large school districts is misdirected at best and child-endangering at worst.

Showing their extreme leftwing bias or ignorance of the bill’s contents, or both, these folks seem more self-interested than concerned about child welfare.

They. Are. Wrong.

Ohio HB 616 is similar to the Florida Parental Rights Bill that delighted a majority of voters in that state, but incensed the “woke” mob, especially the homosexual/transidentity lobby, backed by Disney (displaying its growing obsession with “LGBTQ” promotion to children).

The Ohio bill would prohibit teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity issues in grades K to 3 and only "age appropriate" material in grades thereafter. A far-stronger bill would ban any pro-homosexual or pro-gender confusion teaching throughout all grades.

OH HB 616 also prohibits teaching the divisive racial concepts suddenly popular in many schools, despite claims there is no such teaching.

That’s yet another bald-faced lie.

Yes, lessons based on critical race theory are throughout Ohio schools and they need to end, because these lessons are almost uniformly aligned with current anti-American, anti-police, openly racist adult agendas.

That’s right. What’s being taught in schools too often now is racism, and proudly so. When you hear that 616 bill is “racist,” the truth is actually the opposite. This bill aims to return schools to upholding our current, legal, non-discrimination standard on race, one that Martin Luther King Jr. would applaud--- that of judging people based on the content of their character, not skin color.

The left wants to teach children to ignore Ohio and U.S. law and deliberately judge based on skin color. And they want to be able to sell your children on sexually outrageous and physically endangering behavior at early ages. Radicals in schools are trying to create revolution in America and using children to do so. Now they have been caught and are foolishly revealing what they wanted to do all along.

Let’s take the race issue. Here are some of the bogus, bigoted and anti-intellectual ideas you will encounter regularly now in Ohio schools:

·      Teaching that America is “systemically racist” and rife with “white privilege” and that really, nothing has been accomplished in America on racial equality. The everyday lives of Americans who work amiably with, live alongside, and have family relationships with people of a different skin color, shows how this outrageous claim does not pass the smell test. And the vast majority of people know it.

·      Teaching that, based on skin color alone, some people should be automatically credited with negative qualities and others with positive ones

·      That every student and teacher belongs in a class of “oppressor” or “oppressed,” “victimizer” or “victim” based (again) solely on skin color. In other words, some of you are guilty as sin and others are always going to be losers. This is education?

·      That our country was really founded in 1619 when the first slave ships arrived and since the founders’ main goal was allegedly financial, their top priority (so the fable goes) was to perpetuate slavery for the goal of profit. Oh, and (frequently included), America’s founders were also mostly white, male, heterosexual Christians and should be despised for those qualities as well.

·      That there is an “epidemic” of unarmed black people being shot by white policemen, when the data doesn’t support anything close to an epidemic. Students are also told these deaths are going “unpunished”-- again, recklessly inaccurate. And that because of these unsubstantiated, emotion-driven claims, police are not our friends.

·      That redistribution of wealth, overt discrimination preferential to people of color, and the dismantling of many of our American institutions must happen to achieve “justice.” Can anyone spell R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N?

And that’s just the racially-charged, incendiary nonsense our kids are enduring.

Then there’s the blatant promotion of homosexuality and gender distortion in many schools. It’s even popping up in early grades, usually right alongside the racial messages, as if they are similar (they are not). Schoolhouse radicals do not like the fact that they wanted to be able to continue this propaganda/indoctrination and yes, outright grooming, without parental interference. It’s called “support” for “LGBTQ” students, but in reality, this is acclimating children who are not born this way to experiment with or approve of behavior that public health data shows is fraught with medical risks and many families still believe is immoral.

And these families are the legal guardians of their children. Schools. Are. Not. And, parents are not the enemies of their children.

There are tragic, life-changing outcomes when teachers deceive children and normalize “lesbian, gay, bisexual, gender- queer, non-binary or transgender” identities. The number of adolescents labeling themselves as such has skyrocketed in just the past few years, primarily due to school promotion, social contagion, and media glamourization.

Clubs for “LGBTQ” identifying students led by faculty advisors exist now in most public middle and high schools, and serve  to reinforce a false narrative about these behaviors—that they are not risky; that even young students can be sexual and it’s okay; that some people are born this way; that transitioning to another gender is safe and successful; and that a new sexual identity/behavior is probably the magic pill to eliminate many adolescents’ stress/ anxiety/ depression/loneliness.

Public school students have endured this con job and truth blackout for too long, and the Florida bill was one of the first efforts to bring accountability and parental involvement back to the public school table. Ohio House Bill 616 aims to do the same.

In some schools, it is now school policy that teachers/staff/counselors are not to inform parents if a child decides to be called by a new name and pronouns, unless the minor child gives approval. This “secrecy pact” has been advocated in teacher training in Hilliard Schools, in Parma Schools, and we have documentation that it is policy in Kings Local School District and Brunswick Schools.

Our children need to be rescued from this insanity. Children who are discouraged from going down the unstable “LGBTQ” road are much more likely to thrive and avoid physical, emotional and social disaster. Such caution is not a threat to their “health,” as some claim, but the opposite, as responsible public health officials are now recognizing. But again, education radicals believe “health” includes pretending to be the opposite sex as children begin dangerous puberty blockers, drugs which delay brain maturity and result in skeletal weakness and lifetime sterility.

That is not health. That is child abuse, it’s unscientific, and will soon be viewed as the equivalent of lobotomies.

Consider the social media post of one mom: “My son was put on Lupron at age 9 and we were NOT told bone damage was a potential side effect. Today, at 24 he has severe osteoporosis and the bones of a 75 year old!!”

The reality is that OH House Bill 616 is an anti-grooming, child abuse prevention bill that encourages optimal health and racial harmony instead of division. How can any thinking, responsible Ohioan oppose this?

I urge people to contact the Speaker of the Ohio House, Robert Cupp and ask him to move this bill along quickly because it’s the right thing to do.

And then contact your own Statehouse representative and encourage support for HB 616. Why? Because caring Ohioans back parental rights and oppose radicals in schools who want to mess with the minds, hearts and bodies of children.