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NEA Promotes High Risk Explicit Content to Students

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Numerous reports around the nation reveal a reckless new tool the National Education Association's "LGBTQ" Caucus introduced into schools recently: a name badge for teachers that sells a rainbow message of "pride" and "safety" on the front, with a QR code on the reverse that goes to XXX-rated explicit material.

Brave teachers and community members in the Hilliard (OH) Schools blew the whistle on these badges being worn by union members in that district. The administration did not outright ban the badges, but asked for tape to be placed over the QR code on the back. Pathetic!

On the Mission America radio show, president Linda Harvey interviewed Lisa Chaffee, Ohio director of Parents Rights in Education, who lives in Hilliard and first reported on this situation. Lisa revealed that the Hilliard Education Association president called for other teachers to "not welcome"  the teacher who revealed the name badge porn link, and then, that union president named the teacher.

I would call this bullying and harassment, and it's especially harmful coming from those who say they stand for diversity and inclusion. Hey, we have news for the HEA president: porn does not qualify as "inclusion," nor as "safety" for any student. Quite the opposite.

Freedom Foundation in Ohio has produced a brochure that shows elements of the badge and provides the QR code (for anyone brave enough to check it out). Also, they provide information about how any teacher or staff member can opt out of the corrupt, bullying unions.

Go HERE and click on the link to read the brochure, which is explained as follows:

"NEA Member Benefits supported an effort by the NEA-LGBTQ+ Caucus to distribute badges to public school teachers in Ohio with a QR code linking to a sexually explicit 'recipe book' developed by Planned Parenthood and entitled, 'Queering Sex Ed.'"

Who needs teachers' unions? No caring American school needs this depravity. Protect children and get the unions out of your school now.