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More States and Parents Jump on Ban Bandwagon

The vote was unanimous. As the chairman’s gavel came down sharply, he declared, “The bill is passed!” And the crowds in the gallery erupted in applause and cheers.

The bill was a no-brainer, banning any medical treatment for anorexia/bulemia that affirmed the delusion of obesity in a normal weight individual. The bill banned all therapies enabling the struggler to continue harsh dieting, purging, and severe fasting. Counseling to bring the person’s confused perception in line with sound health and reality was declared the most beneficial, time-proven protocol.

And of course, I am making all this up. There has been no such bill that I know of, and probably won’t be.

Because it’s obvious that anorexia harms the body. Anorexia depends on a powerful delusion, one that should never be affirmed. And people who respect science and common sense recognize this.

Gender dysphoria is a delusion as well. Affirmation “treatments” to produce an imagined gender switch also harm the body, and that’s why banning any therapeutic, medical or surgical action that supports this delusion and damages an undiseased body, is the sane and healthy thing to do.

Especially when minor children are the victims.

Bills recommending bans on this child butchery are now filed in South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia (just introduced). Many are named the “Vulnerable Child Protection Act.” A bill in Colorado was introduced but killed by the Democrats there. The bill in Idaho is being held up by a Republican committee chair.

A South Dakota bill passed its House but has been declared dead for now in that state’s compromised GOP Senate. We hear that calls in SD were overwhelmingly in favor of this ban, but for some reason, the GOP went the other way. They don’t care about public opinion, about voters?

Must be big money talking somewhere.

The Georgia bill (HB 1060) is late in the session, and calls need to be made asap if this bill has any hope of moving forward.

But let’s not give up on any state. Banning this grotesque treatment is the right thing to do. I was told in confidence that one state’s GOP-commissioned private survey of suburban women voters found 80% support these bans.

Lawmakers, take note. The public is with you on this, and more voters are climbing on the ban bandwagon every day.

Still the resistance, even if misguided, is fierce, with influential health groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics now insanely pro-mutilation.

So we must move decisively to protect minor children from counselors and doctors whose hearts have been kidnapped by an evil agenda.

Because what kind of witch doctor calmly takes the scalpel to carve away the healthy breasts of a 16-year-old girl -- even younger in some cases? Or delivers a shot of estrogen to begin the chemical castration of a 14-year-old-boy?

Something has gone seriously wrong for any health professional to harm children in this way. Many say they support these treatments because otherwise, these kids are likely to commit suicide.

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare but it’s a manipulation trap. Those who “transition” still have a high suicide risk—are parents told that?  And since when does simply retaining your biological birth body put you at risk of suicide? Only in the highly-fabled world of the “LGBTQ” movement, where evil is good and good is evil.

Tucker Carlson recently gave an impassioned plea for sense on child gender medical experimentation, and the clip from his show is going viral.

In Ohio, following an February 11 press conference held by Citizens for Community Values, one parent gave this heartfelt statement:

      “Our children are being told that their bodies are wrong. These parents and families who encompass over 100 family members in Ohio, are    suffering each and every day and are heartbroken by the results of an ‘affirmation-only’ policy imposed by our medical system... This approach has hijacked facts and science, resulting in a deep broken trust by parents... We are here to tell the cult leaders in Ohio, gender traffickers such as the Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, PFLAG, Pure Romance, Planned Parenthood, Equality Ohio and every trans lobby in Ohio, that their statements are lies to perpetuate medical fraud.  We will not stand for this.”

Yet the mainstream press did not quote this mom but instead cranked out the usual biased genuflections to “LGBTQ” talking points. The Cincinnati Enquirer carried this headline: “Ohio bill would punish doctors who help transgender kids transition. Opponents decry ‘fear-mongering.’”

This article even quoted the statement by homosexual pressure group Equality Ohio that simply the existence of a bill like this harms transgender youth.

So concerned parents might lose the Constitutional right to speak or lobby for the redress of grievances, in other words, if the loving and respectful “LGBTQ” lobby gets its way?

How long before the mere existence of people like you and me who hold such opinions is considered a threat? Elect Democrats in November, and as radical as that party has become, we will find out how far they will go. What’s now coming out of the closet is their hatred of Christians,  conservatives and anyone who interferes with the goal of transforming truth, compromising health and smashing innocence.

Because this child mutilation never has to happen. Many of these kids became confused after incessant propaganda through pro-“LGBT” lessons, misleading school programs, duplicitous counselors and deceptive library books even for lower grades. The young people now willingly taking the poison and submitting to the sacrificial knife are carefully  duped victims of educational and medical malpractice.

So that’s the next phase coming-- growing numbers of de-transitioners. They are now broadcasting their stories, young adults horrified as they face the reality of distorted bodies and compromised futures. Here’s just one of many examples.

Yes, God is mercifully able to redeem the spirits and souls, but in too many cases, the anatomical consequences are permanent.

And many are screaming, “Why didn’t the doctors—and my parents—keep me from going down this road?”

Why indeed.