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JD Vance Says He Would Vote "No" on Same Sex Marriage

Ohio Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, J.D. Vance, told Mission America that he would vote “no” on a bill to legalize same sex marriage.

We asked, “How would you vote if you were in the Senate at this time on the same sex marriage question?”

He replied, “I would vote no on that legislation,” and believes “the religious liberty piece of this is very bad.”

Mission America released a statement last week in conjunction with Ohio Value Voters about the passage of H.R. 8404, a bill to legalize same sex relationships as marriage which included “yes” votes from four Ohio Republican congressional representatives—Mike Carey, Dave Joyce, Mike Turner, and Anthony Gonzalez.

These votes and those of 43 other Republicans were cast despite the national Republican party platform position in favor of marriage as one man/one woman.

That measure now goes to the U.S. Senate, where current Ohio Senator Rob Portman is expected to vote in favor. Portman has become a vocal advocate for pro-homosexual policy matters in recent years.

We are pleased that Vance has committed to following the national Republican party platform on the marriage issue.