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How We Can Overcome the Smug 'Pride' Agenda

Linda Harvey

The season for nauseating “pride” is upon us once again, and we can report both bad and good news. Stay tuned for action steps at the end.

First, the bad news includes a planned after-school “pride” event at an elementary school in Portland, Oregon featuring “drag queen” performances. The good news is that the event was cancelled after alleged threats and fear of protests. Yet no police investigation was reported, so verbal outrage is probably as serious as it got. Let’s remember that screams and accusations would be welcomed against Christians, but no objections are permissible about any old thing the “LGBTQ” crowd plans for other people’s children.

They are perennial victims. That’s their true orientation and identity.

The school’s homosexual/transgender club (that would be 5 to 11- year-olds) had organized the event. Yes, that’s where we are, folks-- at least in Oregon.

Oh, but wait. In America’s heartland, Indiana has its own outrageous “pride” grooming event planned for youth ages 12 to 20, where no parents will be allowed. That’s right. Predators are officially demanding for people to hand over their children.

The bad news includes an increase in rainbow radical events and an uptick in “pride” promotions by a growing list of corporations oblivious to customer preferences. But that’s where the good news starts: pushback from fed-up, normal America is being reported and felt. And businesses are waffling.

Perhaps we owe a big “Thank You!” to Bud Light for giving us a prideful preview of depravity that motivated a wave of opposition. The beer brand continues to tank and now, retail giant Target is hiding its just-introduced rainbow wear displays in the back of its stores. Todd Starnes reports that the company is terrified of a Bud-Light-level customer flight. “Boycott Target” has been trending on social media.

Target introduced not only highly offensive “pride” apparel for children (which they’ve featured in years past) but also female clothing designed for the bulge of male anatomy.

And it gets worse. The icing on Target’s poisonous cake is the company's affiliation with “pride” apparel designed by a satanist, proclaiming messages like, “Satan loves you” and “Satan respects pronouns.” As I am writing this, the Target stock price is sinking fast. Go, sane America!

The Los Angeles Dodgers flip-flopped in their “pride” plans to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, female impersonators dressed as nuns who grotesquely mock Jesus, Christian moral standards and the Catholic Church. The Dodgers backed off after complaints but then reversed course and apologized to the profane “nuns.”

But the good news is that they blinked. And that’s fantastic.

And the city of Tampa, Florida has cancelled its “pride” river festival altogether, blaming a new Florida measure outlawing drag performances where children are present. Thanks again, Governor DeSantis.

Are you ready to take some action? Here are some businesses supporting “pride”-- Nike (of course); Adidas (features a male modeling a female bathing suit); Under Armour; and as usual, Disney.

Surprising supporters of rainbow radicalism are LL Bean and Lands End. Here’s what I emailed Lands End:

“I am horrified that you support ‘Pride’ with products and visibility on your website. Do you not understand that there are literally MILLIONS of Americans who find the whole LGBTQ tyranny and agenda, especially its detrimental impact on our kids, very, very offensive? I will not be shopping at Lands End in the near future.”

Then there’s Pet Smart (why??) and Petco. Also, Michael’s, Converse, Best Buy, Levi’s and Kohl’s.

Kohl’s even features the depraved, bait-and-switch, suicide prevention/child corruption group, The Trevor Project.

Here’s what I wrote to Kohl’s:

“I am appalled at how Kohl’s has taken a deep dive into supporting ‘LGBTQ’ so-called pride. You people are really, really out of touch with your customer base.

“Don’t you realize that literally MILLIONS of Americans are fed up with the trashy values and tyranny of homosexuality and gender confusion, and the negative impact on our kids?

“I once shopped at Kohl’s regularly. As of two years ago, I stopped and I will not be returning anytime soon. You are NOT inclusive of Christians and traditionalists who find homosexuality and gender confusion offensive.”

Also there’s Joann Fabrics, the children’s clothing store Carter’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and The North Face, featuring a drag queen named “Pattie Gonia.”

And let’s not forget Walmart. They’ve been on the “gay” train for years.

I received an email in early May from Zappo’s with a rainbow icon, as if this would be welcomed by most of their customers. Here’s what I wrote to the chat line:

“Why is there a rainbow emoji on the email I received? Don't your people realize that there are literally MILLIONS of potential customers who are fed up with ‘Pride’ and all that it stands for? Please tell the management that this is a huge negative and I will not be shopping with Zappos in the near future.”

And the list goes on and on, unfortunately.

I am challenging everyone who reads this to send at least 2 (hopefully more) emails to “pride” supporting companies. They need to hear from their customers. Let’s not just let this go one more year without objection. Feel free to copy or modify my emails. For more information on companies that support our values, go here.

Let’s close with more good news, especially for our children. Kirk Cameron is rolling out a new children’s book to counteract the false and harmful messages of “pride.” It’s called Pride Comes Before the Fall. He’s one of the growing number of celebrities not afraid to step out and provide alternate messages.

We don’t have to knuckle under. This year, we have an opportunity, friends. There is a level of outcry that we can join—no violence, of course, but we can ally with many other voices raised in saying, “Stop the ‘pride’ that’s destroying America!