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Hilliard Teacher Training Features Radical Gender Activist

Linda Harvey

Praise God for brave public education staff who are willing to reveal what’s really going on in our schools.

In the Hilliard, Ohio school district (suburb of Columbus), two recent professional development sessions were presented to teachers and staff by a representative of Kaleidoscope Youth Center of Columbus. Kaleidoscope is a drop-in community center for homosexually-inclined and gender confused kids as young as 12 without requiring parental knowledge or permission.

“Queer youth of Ohio, we’re here for you... on your own terms, in your own power,” proclaims the Kaleidoscope home page.

Kaleidoscope has been in the Columbus area for at least twenty years, endangering children with high risk policies. Adult staff and volunteers are more than happy to persuade the impressionable and often marginally-supervised child that he or she is “queer.”

Far from presenting workshops for teachers, this group should be dismantled and prevented from misleading any more children. Yet in the emerging climate of child-damaging wokeness, Kaleidoscope now receives ample donations from non-profits as well as corporate and private donors.

The group’s representative, Amanda, told Hilliard Davidson High School teachers that current Ohio Statehouse bills would treat “trans” as if it’s mental illness and criminalize the work of Kaleidoscope. She claims this kind of “prejudice” has a negative impact on the health of these youth, which she repeatedly called “queer and trans.” The real story is just the opposite. One of the bills referenced is House Bill 454, the SAFE Act, which would ban experimental gender medical treatment for minor children and protect them from the horrific lifelong damage caused by unneeded medication or surgery.

But Amanda, who announced she was a lesbian “married” to another woman, has her agenda and she’s sticking to it. She claimed her talk included “best practices” for “supporting” students, while decrying what she calls “adultism,” the idea that adults know more than children. Even parents have no business dissuading a beloved son or daughter from an opposite gender identity, and the more religious a family is, the less likely a kid is to “come out.” In the Kaleidoscope world, that’s a bad thing. More on her anti-parent position later.

Teachers, she acknowledged, might be uncomfortable with some of her ideas, including her claim that 12- year-olds have this figured out. Adults have a responsibility to trust them when they tell us what their identities are.

So don’t interfere, parents or teachers. Let them begin homosexual dating and  having injurious sex as soon as possible, apparently.

No adolescents ever change their wish-lists or experience delusions? Think, anorexia, cutting, numerous other examples. One wonders what purpose parents and teachers serve, then, if kids really don’t need our guidance or protection. In the real non-Kaleidoscope world, child emancipation is far from helpful—it can be hazardous.

Most of the Hilliard workshop time – “professional development”--was spent on the gender issue. “Gender binary is the idea that there are two genders,” she explained, and that we “are color-coded from birth.” It’s so unfortunate, Amanda believes, that we are “stuck in this gender binary, and you better fit yourself into your box.” And those who get outside that box make others uncomfortable.

“Understand that the non-binary kid who comes to talk to you has a totally different worldview of gender, and that’s okay,” she said.

No, it’s not okay. Objectively speaking, a “non-binary” adolescent has unattended emotional issues and has been convinced exploring biological denial is the solution. The results are too often personal, medical disaster.

Amanda will be long gone by the time the experiment comes to full, rotten fruition.

The teachers were introduced to the notorious propaganda graphic, the “Gender Unicorn,” and were sent home with gender unicorn coloring sheets to fill out themselves, because “in a perfect world,” one should be able to identify oneself using at least “27 genders.”

The speaker explained that Gen Z kids are “totally into pansexual.” In fact, the majority of kids coming to Kaleidoscope now, she says, are using the label “pansexual.

How horrifying that sexual chaos is exploding and schools are encouraging children to embrace it.

During the first workshop, she outlined current sexual anarchist terminology--  transwomen, transmen, “queer,” etc. Queer is a reclaimed term which also means to buck the status quo, to intentionally make people uncomfortable, the speaker explained, and apparently teachers should affirm this as a positive attribute in students, rather than evidence of anger and instability.

The second workshop spent considerable time outlining the rigid, manufactured pronoun language teachers and staff must adopt including “neopronouns.” “There are lots and lots of pronouns,” she said, as if this is a good thing and not a symptom of societal decline. It’s not about our comfort, she explained, but about affirming students and their label preferences.

Then Amanda led the teachers in an exercise to introduce themselves to each other while designating their pronouns. This should become the new introduction standard, she believes. “Hi, I’m Linda, I’m obviously she/her/hers and get out of my face with this garbage,” is what I might say. Will teachers submit to this madness?

No students should dictate invented pronouns to adults. These confused kids are being empowered to force the real world to jump through linguistic hoops to meet unjust demands. The irony is that nonsensical language requirements serve to further isolate these students from their well-grounded peers who just aren’t going to cooperate with the lunacy.

But wait, there’s more. Reports reveal that Hilliard Davidson High School teachers are sometimes called to the principal’s office and forced to apologize to students if the teacher called the student by an unwanted pronoun or name.

But the Kaleidoscope insanity continued. “There is no such thing, really, as biological sex. There is, but it’s complicated,” said Amanda, who is 100% wrong. Her science-denial should not be granted an audience at a respectable high school. This also does not line up with state standards in Ohio for science testing, by the way.

It’s not only at Hilliard Davidson High School where radicals are re-molding teacher minds but a similar Kaleidoscope workshop was presented in January to teachers and staff of Ohio Virtual Academy. And Columbus City Schools last spring announced a partnership with Kaleidoscope for “inclusive” staff training.

In a recent interview, I revealed the teacher training at Parma (OH) Schools on “LGBTQ” issues presented by the Northeast Ohio Diversity Center. Loaded with “gay” activist material, it featured much of the same reckless, child-corrupting propaganda as the Kaleidoscope workshops.

One of the most problematic elements of the Kaleidoscope training was the speaker’s advice to withhold student sexuality and gender inclinations from a student’s parents, stated in both the Hilliard and OVA presentations. When a student “comes out” to a teacher, she recommends confidentiality from parents if the student requests it.  Amanda said this was an aspect of the “adultism” issue, where we don’t give kids agency over their own identity.

And so we adults are really pretty pointless and useless, it seems. Ohio schools certainly should abandon the quest for higher proficiency rates by eighth grade. Ohio reading scores on national assessments are 38% and math, 34%. Surely more time should be spent wrestling with ridiculous pronouns and making sure parents know little about sexual indoctrination at school.

Or here’s another thought. We should call out liars and deceivers who lead our precious children down a depraved and high risk road. Let’s model a different perspective to these students, one that does not affirm deviant behavior that no one needs to adopt. No child or human is born this way. We need to keep saying so, and keep standing up for what’s right and good in the eyes of our magnificent Creator (who designed our children beautifully as male and female). It’s also, not coincidentally, what’s healthy and conducive to long -term human well-being.

People should call the superintendent of Hilliard Davidson High School, David Stewart, at (614) 921-7000 and express your polite thoughts about this, and maybe encourage the district to host an opposite viewpoint presentation.

Propaganda at school is never a positive sign. It signals rapid, forthcoming  decline. Let’s remind these educators that they need to head in a different direction.