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Gov. DeWine Promised to NOT SIGN a Homosexual Bill

Linda Harvey

Mike DeWine promised ME and 30 other pro-family advocates that he would NOT sign a homosexual "rights" bill. I asked him that question in a private forum in 2017. And he told all of us the answer was NO, he would not sign such a bill.


Remember that.


So, it is super discouraging to read in the Columbus Dispatchthat our Lieutenant Governor, Jon Husted, won't give a straight answer opposing SB 11, the homosexual and “transgender” tyranny bill ?? But I am going to go on record right now and say, I have never trusted Husted and unless his policy positions change, he will never get my support.


It's great that he's pro-life, but if a politician doesn't understand the immense threat posed by the vicious "LGBTQ" lobby, they really don't understand the big picture. We can find more dependable lawmakers who are both pro-life and pro-family.


And I am concerned about Mike DeWine as well. I asked him myself in a private meeting in 2017 whether he would ever sign a homosexual rights bill. Thirty other people heard him reply to me, "NO."


And now what is happening? He signed a "transgender" executive order right off the bat in January. What's up with that?


Here's a portion of the article in the Columbus Dispatch, where Husted was asked about Senate Bill 11 (homosexual bill):


"Asked if he supported the pending legislation, Husted said he had not discussed the matter in detail with DeWine. The governor’s office said it still is reviewing the bill and has taken no position on the measure introduced by Sen. Nickie Antonio, D-Lakewood.”


To read the full comments, go to the bottom of the Dispatch article,



And CALL Governor Mike DeWine—(614) 644-4357. Ask if he intends to keep his commitment to not sign a bill that upholds immoral behavior and disrespects Christians.