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GLSEN Donated Books Will Corrupt Children at School

Everyone loves presents, right? Well maybe not all of them. There are some materials being donated in recent months to schools that should be packed up and returned immediately.

The homosexual group GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network, has a new project to send collections of books to as many schools as possible, and these books will not be Little Women or The Little Engine that Could. They call it the “Rainbow Library” but of course, their version of celebrating a rainbow is not a blessing and covenant from God but the opposite—defying God’s word by confusing and corrupting impressionable children about gender and homosexuality.

Here's what GLSEN writes about this effort, that “...Across 28 states and 3,600 schools, GLSEN has sent books that center the voices of queer authors of color and voices of trans and nonbinary authors.”  GLSEN goes on to say that these books reflect the “feelings and fears” of “queer childhood.” Queer childhood?

This kind of predatory thinking is exactly why the Florida Parental Rights Bill passed and exactly why we need a similar bill here in Ohio.

It’s heartbreaking that a number of schools may have already accepted GLSEN’s books, which come in sets of 10 for various ages groups. And if you caught it in their statement, GLSEN continues the effort to latch onto the coattails of the race movement with as many book characters of color as possible, so these books are included in “diversity, equity and inclusion” goals.

GLSEN somehow still maintains the deception that such books can literally “save kids’ lives.” No--It’s quite the opposite when children are fast-tracked into body and life-destroying behaviors.

GLSEN claims there are 800 schools on their waitlist and they just need more donations. I am truly hoping this is not true and is just a fundraising ploy but the radical educators out there may usher these books into your school.

GLSEN likes books where boys dress like girls, young teens have explicit sexual contact, where parents and churches are scorned by disrespectful adolescent attitudes, and where vulgar language is the norm.

Among their recommended books are I am Jazz, the book for small children about a boy who wants to become a girl; Stonewall—a Building, an Uprising, a Revolution for 3rd to 5th graders; Queer There and Everywhere: 23 People who Changed the World for 6th to 8th graders; and Felix Ever After, which is a raunchy, vulgar novel about teen girl who has already gotten a double mastectomy to appear to be a boy.

And other book selections are more of the same.

Keep your eyes open and do not let GLSEN’s collections be offered to your children.