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Fake News Stories Push Mutilation of Kids

A Holiday Inn in Austin, Texas just hosted an “all-ages” event where transvestites and children openly mingled. One headliner was an 11-year-old boy dressed in “drag” (as a girl) who danced suggestively to the applause of a mixed adult/child audience.

And children clapped as adult males in skimpy female garb obscenely gyrated their buttocks to the music while making suggestive jokes.

The Austin Holiday Inn is okay with this? It was a pedophile’s dream event. You can watch the video report here.

But where’s the national outcry, the media stories reporting this travesty of adults proudly corrupting children? Except on a few conservative sites, publicity is nowhere to be found.

What is plentiful are misleading documentaries and articles about the “journeys” of gender-confused youth. The American public and vulnerable families are being manipulated by a media army of fable-spinners. Too many reporters are unquestioning pawns of sexual anarchists.

Many physicians are part of the problem as well. They and the children themselves hold anxious parents hostage by describing the “only” two options for a gender-bending child.

You can either help them “transition” to the opposite sex, or wait for a suicide attempt.

For instance, a Sacramento TV station broadcast a lengthy story about three girls who now believe they are boys. One girl who now identifies as a boy said this:

"To the people who don't accept trans people, I would say, ‘What is the problem with you? They're just a person. They just want to be themselves.’… Would you rather have your child kill themselves, or would you rather just use the correct pronouns?”

One recent LA Times article about a teen girl in California who has found “freedom” in her identity as a boy, checks all the right boxes for uncritical reporting. She had attempted suicide, thankfully unsuccessful. Now finding “hope and acceptance” as a boy baseball player, the article contains not a single critique of gender rebellion. We used to call this public relations (biased by definition), but now such tripe passes for “journalism.”

The article does contain this telling line: “Studies show that more than 50% of transgender youth will try to commit suicide at least once by their 20th birthday.” What the article leaves out is the rest of the story-- that the numbers later on are not much better. About 41% of individuals who have already “transitioned” will attempt suicide. This begs the question: isn’t something going on here other than being “born in the wrong sex body”?

By every traditional clinical definition, a suicide attempt signals a mental health problem.

The heartbreaking prospect of suicide is what has sold America in a nanosecond on child gender deviance, with public and professional opinions being transformed without research to back it up.

In other words, medical mutilation of children is not malpractice if the “LGBT” lobby says it’s not.

Many physicians shortcut counseling to recommend gender identity change. That can include personal appearance modification for the pre-pubescent child and puberty-blocking medication. In most cases, this is followed by opposite sex hormones alien to the body, and finally, mutilating surgery.

And the “success” of those high-risk protocols is very debatable. They will almost certainly result in permanent infertility.

In Calgary, Alberta, an eleven-year-old girl was advised in secret by school officials to dress and identify as a boy while at school and her parents were never informed-- until she became suicidal. Reckless school counselors went along with this hazardous, family-dividing charade.

“Just give us your children and let us ruin their lives!” is the de facto attitude.

Yet counseling alone of gender confused youth is by far the safest option. Around 88% of girls and 98% of boys without intervention will naturally come to accept the sex of their birth.

Still, unscientific propaganda is changing public opinion. The majority of Democrats now believe a person’s gender is not determined at birth. And among all Americans, forty-four percent believe a person’s gender can change.

Is there a template that an activist reporter can call up to create a fawning “trans” human interest piece? They share the same “LGBT” activist talking points, replete with inaccuracies.

A November 5 article in the Columbus Dispatch described “Emily” who was born Matthew. The headline was, “Becoming Herself: Love and Acceptance Help Transgender Teen’s Journey.”

And I’m sure this reporter and the Nationwide Children’s Hospital doctor interviewed believe they are being compassionate.

This is not helping. Who will plead with these promoters of grave mutilation to stop aiding children in a premature, permanently-disfiguring decision?

Parents in Asheville, NC of a boy who now wants to be known as “Emma” and began (they say) indicating his desire to be a girl at age three, said that one day they realized “…she has always known her soul was female,” as reported in a one-sided feature article in the Asheville Citizen-Times.

These parents battled with the child’s school when he wasn’t automatically allowed to use the girls’ restroom. The child also reported that his teacher had been calling him a boy and using his boy birth name, Colton.

Local “transgender” activists were consulted and under their intense pressure, the school is backpedaling to accommodate what is essentially child abuse.

All these children should be addressed by their birth gender pronouns and follow the rules of using a bathroom that corresponds to that birth gender. If counseling is needed for a confused child, by all means no one should withhold it. But an essential part of a quality education is learning the difference between fact and delusion—that reality is what it is, fantasy is what it is, and the two should not be confused.

And confusion is the essence of mental illness.

Truth is not the obstacle here, but instead, parents, schools and reporters encouraging children to embrace disordered perceptions.

But who will be there for the post-mutilation young adults at age 25 when they experience profound sex change regret?