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Draining the Rainbow Swamp

Linda Harvey


Have you had your fill of “pride” yet?


Corporations, government agencies, online sites, schools. AT&T, Walmart, Kellogg’s, Nationwide, Ikea. I was already on rainbow overload when I opened the mail. 


An unmarked letter contained a flyer listing Bible verses ( “Love your neighbor” etc.) followed by, “We’re praying for you!” and signed, “Happy Pride!” 


 The envelope was full of multi-colored glitter.


Which I was providentially able to contain and throw right in the trash.


Whatever god these people pray to while denying the true gospel message about homosexuality provokes no fear in me, nor in any of us who understand the truth. We are witnessing cultural destruction under the arc of these rainbow imposters, yet the original is still the Almighty’s magnificent sky symbol, reminding us of both His mercy and power.


He never intended it to be a jarring logo for proud sin, a signpost for child corruption, or the banner for targeting and harassing faithful Christians.


God destroyed the world once and will again at the end of time. How close is that? Sometimes I wonder.


As we approach the fourth anniversary of the tragic Obergefellsame sex “marriage” ruling, let’s reclaim the truth. That ruling, Supreme Court or not,  remains a lie. There is no such thing as marriage between two men or two women. God has not changed His mind.


Meanwhile, God is surely grieved about the persecution of Christians worldwide, much less severe here in America – so far. Yet don’t underestimate tyrannical  “LGBTQ” advocates. Today their scalps include lost jobs, businesses, reputations, all because of rainbow bullying. Tomorrow, it could be jail or worse. The hateful attitudes contain no mercy. 


Nothing to be proud of.


Actually, some extremes are already happening. A Christian school was raided recently in California. An anti-Christian resolution, ACR-99, has been introduced  in the California Assembly by far-left, Democrat assemblyman Evan Low. It aims to shame churches into silence about the consequences of homosexual behavior and gender distortion—and the well-established reality of change. I joined many others in signing a letter of objection to this clearly discriminatory measure.


These folks don’t want people to change. They want God to change, and that’s never going to happen.


During June, God is surely watching the streets of American cities full of prancing, conceited sexual license, now even including small children—deliberately so. Without repentance, the marchers in “pride” parades and their corporate and political allies are in grave, eternal trouble.


We need to keep complaining. I think they are feeling the heat. Target markets "pride" apparel for children and even partners with GLSEN. How stupid are these people? Do they not understand the damage being done to our youth?


I posted on social media, wrote to Kroger, complained to a financial advisor at a bank, and sent emails to the White House about rainbow flags. And of course, talked a lot about this on my radio show. Others among my family and friends are sending emails, making calls. 


We are appalled by the explosion of alleged support for sodomy and gender distortion. I am not buying that this support is real, but largely coerced. Many of these companies are intimidated by the “LGBT” track record, understanding which side often makes the most noise with few qualms about lying, distorting and exposing people to danger.


So we must make an equivalent amount of noise in a responsible way.


Keep protesting the Drag Queen Story Hours and the accompanying child corruption. Over 53,000 people have signed one petition. In Spokane, Washington, 200 people turned out to protest a recent library event. The rainbow coalition and its allies convened a sizeable police presence including at least one sniper.  A sniper? Seriously?


One pastor was arrested because he asked police why people couldn’t protest in front of the taxpayer- funded library. The drag queens could assemble there, but not parents and faithful believers, who were banished to the other side of the street.


The gay-stapo in full regalia. America, wake up!


Who’s the real danger here? Not conservative Christians. Unstable adults dressing as the opposite sex and promoting youthful sexual intimacy are the issue. Many know no boundaries with other people’s children. 


Do they not know? Have they not heard? The Lord will renew the strength of those who are weary and terribly discouraged (Isaiah 40) so we can keep stepping out as we wait on Him. 


His judgment on these vile actions is surely coming. That does not mean we believers should resort to violence or act in any way destructively. We must protest only with civil actions, with our voices, votes and with our wallets.


Vengeance is His, let’s remember. But these harmful actions need to stop. And they will if enough of us keep saying “No.” “Drag Queen 101” was cancelled recently in Delaware and Licking counties in Ohio not because of “threats” as alleged but because enough people called, wrote, and said “No.” Even brave Republican lawmakers flexed their muscles.


If thinking citizens do this, they will go away. It doesn’t take much, but it does take enough of us. And all the while, we must lift up prayers for these poor lost people. 


But that doesn’t mean we turn over our nine-year-old boys to them. 


So when you see the proud rainbows, do three things:


1. Remember this is God’s symbol, so you are seeing a flagrant trademark violation. The real rainbow belongs to Jesus and these are fakes.


2. Think about the Christians who have been harassed, fired, stripped of business ownership, called every name in the book, and ridiculed on social media (including teens).


3. Think about the agenda that believes teen girls having double mastectomies of healthy breasts and teen boys being castrated is “being who you are.”  And that those who object are hateful bigots. Advocating this mutilation is seriously delusional. We cannot allow them to take America.


So step out and act, folks. Be wise, but do act.