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Double Standard for Homosexual Child Abuse

As Hollywood bestows numerous awards on a new movie about a 24-year-old man pursuing a sexual relationship with a 17- year-old boy, we are not supposed to notice the glaring hypocrisy.

Roy Moore, whose election will be decided by the time you read this, has been virtually drawn and quartered by women who waited until this year to make unverified, decades-old allegations. And the latest was from a woman, Debbie Gibson, who claims she dated Moore when she was 17 and he was 34.

Hmmm. This sounds like a double standard. But maybe I’m just too suspicious.

If Hollywood has already decided 17–year-olds having relations with adults is okay, why is this Roy Moore accusation even a news item?

What about teachers who have sex with students? In Concord, NC, a female teacher was just arrested because she had sex with a 17-year-old male student. She is 23.

Wait—why not feature these two in a romantic movie about them as a “couple“?

Or perhaps there really is still something wrong with adult/teen sex. It’s also illegal.

Even so, it seems homosexuals have quickly moved above “equality” to obtain superior moral standing, as America celebrates intimacy between same sex adults and minors, but reserves its shock and horror for opposite sex encounters.

Moore’s latest sketchy accuser doesn’t even claim sexual contact, and in her account she was proud of the alleged dates at the time, which Moore denies happened, although he does remember meeting her.

Yet 17-year-olds in many states are still minors and not legally able to consent. The movie Call Me By Your Name takes place not in the U.S., but Italy, so does that make statutory rape okay?

I guess we are supposed to ignore the mental, sometimes physical and even legal molestation of teens by homosexuals and their advocacy organizations. Same-sex-victimized teens are just being “who they are,” so the adults are only “helping” the discovery process along.

That’s their story and they are sticking to it.

GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) and other groups peddling homosexuality to kids have quite comfortably endorsed books, websites and venues where adults and unaccompanied minors have social and sometimes sexual contact.

I and others have exposed this in recent years, yet many are unwilling to take action. But are we seeing a residue of conscience in America? Perhaps there’s reason to be hopeful.

Recently, there was a smattering of media coverage about the allegations against famous Metropolitan opera conductor James Levine. An Illinois man molested by Levine as a 15- year-old says it went on for years, to the point of his near-suicide. Levine even paid him around $50,000. The statute of limitations has passed for prosecution but police are investigating anyway.

Levine is now director emeritus after amassing millions in salary and numerous awards. Will any of those be stripped from him following this scandal?

We’ll see. Isn’t he a man who “dated” teen boys? Just like in the movies?

Just like Harvey Milk, for whom the state of California mandates an annual school day of honor on May 22. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has an “LGBT”-themed store in San Francisco’s Castro district housed in Milk’s former camera store.

Milk had open relationships with boys in their mid-teens. This “gay history” did not stop California legislators from elevating his sodomy and lechery to an honorable status that must be recognized by every third grader in the state each year.

HRC was co-founded by Terence Bean, whose three-way tryst that included a 15-year-old boy was investigated then dismissed. Many believe the boy and his family were compensated for dropping charges.

If he has enough money, is a predator no longer a predator?

We can all remember one recent scandal where America threw the book at a man preying on boys—the Jerry Sandusky case. But it’s possible Sandusky’s assaults received maximum media attention because it involved the macho and historically heterosexual profession of college football.

Effeminate men and male-hostile lesbians love to pick on football and its heroes, as well as the Catholic church. That scandal was positioned as “heterosexual” when in reality, most of the incidents involved priests and teen boys.

The outright endorsement of teen boys having sex with adult males has been going on for years.

Many middle and high school libraries offer the sordid novel Rainbow Boys and its sequels. In this book, a 17-year-old boy has anal sex with an adult man he “meets” on the Internet. The book was recommended by GLSEN.

But it’s far from the only example in the sleazy history of GLSEN. This organization has been snickering for decades as they slip pro-molestation material into recommended material for youth. The group published “Book Link” for years with featured books for teens and teachers, including some with adult-teen “dating” and sexual encounters. Here’s one:

"...I joined this youth group called Positive Images; it's the Sonoma County gay/lesbian/bisexual youth group. I got a boyfriend instantly; he picked me up right away, right when I joined the group. He was older; he was twenty-five, I was sixteen...." ( A 17-year old boy’s recollection from book, In Your Face: Stories from the Lives of Queer Youth, p. 58.)

And this one: "'My first experience was with a much older man, a friend of Derek's [this boy’s dad]...When I was fifteen, he must have been twenty-nine, thirty...I seduced him...It was a wild night. We did everything.'" (Young man, Eliot, relating a teen experience in the book, Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian, p.111.)

How many kids in America have been tragically misled by this garbage? It’s time the mental and sexual molestation advocated by GLSEN, HRC and others became a national scandal, and if we are publicly shaming predators, they should be first on our list.

If these groups closed their doors, our nation’s children would be so much better off.