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Cowardly Vote Tables Gender Resolution at Ohio State School Board

Linda Harvey

The resolution at the Ohio State Board of Education opposing harmful gender ideology in schools, did not pass the board on Wednesday, October 12, unfortunately. It was referred to the executive committee for further action. The solid conservatives on the board did not vote for this cowardly delaying tactic, but they were not enough to keep this from happening. Apparently, some folks do not want the record of their votes to show up before the November election.

This is the resolution that confronted the enormous problems in the Biden Administration’s proposed changes to Title IX, the law banning discrimination based on “sex” in schools, protecting female opportunities like sports. The proposed changes would redefine “sex” to include gender confused males, along with many other harmful and destructive pro- “LGBTQ” changes. ( See our article about the resolution HERE).

If enacted, these proposed changes will usher in gender and homosexual tyranny into schools and allow schools to withhold critical information from parents.

We thank Brendan Shea for putting this resolution forward, for Mike Toal for his helpful amendment, and for John Hagan, Diana Fessler, Jenny Kilgore and Kirsten Hill who have been strong, dependable votes protecting children. We will see where this goes in the future.

The board member who suggested this delaying tactic is Tim Miller, a DeWine appointee who is now running for state school board in District 10, Summit and Geauga counties. You can imagine just exactly what I think of his candidacy. We do NOT need weak and cowardly people on the state school board-- or who support the destructive "LGBTQ" agenda. His opponent is Cierra Lynch Shehorn who is endorsed by Ohio Value Voters.

Wasn’t eight hours of testimony enough? Not, I guess, if you don’t want to lose an election. Nevertheless, it was great to see so many people testifying in support of this resolution even though there were many testimonies on the other side, and it was painful to hear the misinformation and self-centered attitudes.

So many people have bought the lie that there are inborn “LGBTQ” identities, even for kids. This is not inborn and no one has to go down these roads. Sadly, the Title IX proposed changes, if they ultimately are enacted, will cement in our schools the high risk homosexual and gender deviance agenda and usher many more impressionable children into these identities and behaviors.

Yet we will not give up. We will keep fighting.

Here’s the record of the 12 to 7 vote to delay the resolution (to send it to executive committee)— a NO vote is the good vote:

Melissa Bedell: yes (appointed by Governor DeWine)
Christina Collins (District 7): yes (elected)   

Sue Hackett: yes (appointed by Governor DeWine)
Brandon Kern: yes (appointed by Governor DeW
Mark Lamoncha: yes (appointed by Governor Kasich)
Paul LaRue: yes (appointed by Governor DeWine)
Martha Manchester: yes (appointed by Governor Kasich & DeWine)
Charlotte McGuire (District 3): yes (appointed by Governor Kasich and since elected)
Antoinette Miranda: (District 6) yes (elected)
Tim Miller (District 10): yes (appointed by Governor DeWine)** Proposed this delay**
Michelle Newman (District 8): yes (elected, liberal)
Meryl Johnson (District 11): yes (elected)

Walt Davis: no (appointed by Governor DeWine)
Diana Fessler (District 1): no (elected)
John Hagan (District 9): no (elected)
Kirsten Hill (District 2): no (elected)
Jenny Kilgore (District 4): no (elected)
Brendan Shea (District 5): no (elected)
Mike Toal: no (appointed by Governor DeWine)

*WATCH HERE, with Oct. 12 testimony starting just after 2:00:00 and vote starting at 7:01:22: