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Christian Kids-- and their Faith-- Not SAFE at School

At Vashon Island High School in the state of WA, thanks to a student “queer” group’s advocacy, bathrooms are now open to all genders, and it’s certain this will not end well.

And yes—indoctrinated and misinformed student “change agents” accomplished this.

So this school is radically less safe. And especially unsafe are students who are Christians, have high moral values and a stable sense of personal privacy. They are now the most vulnerable of all, chronically disrespected not just in body but in values and spirit.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the issue of child safety. We hear more and more about students who feel “triggered” by certain ideas or speech.

Well, in today’s school climate, if anyone has a genuine right to feel threatened, it would be Christian kids.

Of course, they are not the only ones who might feel unsettled by messages at school. The expectation felt by most adolescents today is that they should accept in-your-face, bizarre and unnatural behavior as well as become sexually active.

The pressure comes unexpectedly not from peers or at a friend’s party, but in the bathroom. Or in health class with all the lights on and other kids watching, as a degenerate teacher fits a condom on a plastic model.

Or selects two girls for a role-playing exercise to discuss “dating” -- as  homosexuals.

It’s manipulative and vulgar, and most kids will feel emotionally assaulted but hesitant to say anything.

Such pornographic sex ed programs are justified by the presumption that most kids are sexually active. But new research shows the opposite. Kids like and respond to abstinence messages.

Still, the school promotion of depravity continues.

At Westland High School in Columbus, Ohio, the principal sent out an email in December announcing that during a regular after-school teacher meeting, someone would be addressing them about “Gender identity /attraction/sex/expression, responding to anti-LGBT language and behavior in the classroom and hallways, how to respond/assist a student in the ‘coming out’ process, and dealing with preferred names.”

What about parents’ rights to not have the school help their child “come out”? And where in the “coming out” process would the faithful Christian teacher fit? Steering kids toward the unsafe arena of flagrant sin is not part of our faith, thank you very much.

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, has grave concerns about “safety” or so they say. One GLSEN lesson plan for grade school children has an acronym for SAFE: “Say what you feel, Ask for help, Find a friend, and Exit the area.”

How do Christian students apply this? In a class where homosexual behavior and gender rebellion are explained and respected, a believing student might say, “I don’t agree. The Lord teaches that homosexuality is an abomination. No man can marry another man, Jesus tells us. It defies our biology, and this lesson completely disregards and contradicts my faith.”

So according to GLSEN, that student should express concern (“Say what you feel”), then, “Ask for help.” Here’s a possible request: “Could you as my teacher end this lesson about condoms being used for unnatural anal sex?” Or about the all-gender bathroom policy, a student might say, “Could you as my principal tell the school board they have at least one student who feels extremely unsafe under the new policy, and could we return to separate boy and girl facilities?”

This student is unlikely to get a fair hearing—“Find a friend”-- if these programs are already underway, and probably never treated with the tender deference another “triggered” student would be. A cross-dressing boy will get a fawning reception, but this student is likely to be treated like yesterday’s trash.

So the principal and teacher will scoff at the student and ignore his comment. “Your views are very intolerant. There’s no excuse for your bigoted behavior.”

Instead, the school message is, “Go get birth control or experiment with a ‘gay’ relationship!” If your daughter is seriously stressed about offensive classroom content, most of the time she will remain silent. The information has already been absorbed—  she is an outcast if she doesn’t go along.

And then there’s the language or social studies class where a “social justice” narrative dominates. You know—how there’s systemic discrimination in America by entrenched groups, and the world is divided into the “oppressed” and the “oppressors.” And guess who stands at the top of the list of oppressors?

Christians, people of faith, and husband/wife authentically-married couples.

Recently, a “privilege” questionnaire was given to kids at a school in West Bend, Wisconsin with a checklist to assess the student’s level of privilege. This classic stereotyping exercise featured questions like, “I have never tried to hide my sexuality,” “I am comfortable in the gender I was born in,” “My parents are heterosexual,” “Nobody has tried to ‘save me’ from my religious beliefs.”

This was given to middle schoolers.

The spiritual oppression in government schools is intense. The adults teaching this lunacy are smooth, full of misinformation, yet have the imprimatur of the entire school system. So your child will internalize, unless you have trained him or her ahead of time, one huge message—my instincts are wrong, my family is wrong, and I must change.

How about it we don’t put them in this situation to begin with?

The class instructed to call a boy by girl pronouns is not safe. This is mental and emotional assault, and children know this.

Yet leftists claim they want to keep children safe.

Back to what GLSEN teaches. According to the “SAFE” acronym mentioned above, the student has one more option: “Exit the area.”

The Christian student’s viewpoint and religious beliefs have been counted as nothing, so will the school be tolerant if he or she leaves school?

Probably not. But his or her parents should be.

Take your kids out of these schools, the sooner the better. They are truly, truly unsafe.