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Children Endangered as GOP Applauds Sexual Anarchy

Linda Harvey

“It’s for the children!” Politicians, pundits, activists of all stripes rush to play the baby card to draw support to their cause or candidacy.

But often it’s completely insincere. Despite a national pro-family platform, kids can’t depend on many Republicans.

More and more Republicans embrace and even promote “LGBTQ” demands, oblivious to the corresponding deviant, harmful behaviors. So America’s children are exposed and vulnerable, because what is routine for adults today will seem normal to 11-year-olds within a decade.

The stats already tell us the promotion of sexual alternatives to kids is unfortunately working, as well over 15% of the nation’s youth now call themselves “queer,” a percentage that has risen sharply in recent years, but it’s not due to inborn proclivities. Research has failed to turn up any dependable biological key. The expansion of this sub-population is instead the rotten fruit of depraved, incessant promotion and social engineering.

Which few politicians have any interest in challenging.

H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act,” is a far-left, radical, anti-child, anti-Christian measure. But so is the alternative, GOP-supported “Fairness for All Act” in the U.S. House, which tosses a few religious exemption bones to the faith community but still legitimizes depraved, immoral conduct.

Someone tell the libertarian/compromised Republicans how much damage their advocacy is doing. Asa Hutchinson, who thinks government has no role in protecting healthy children from medical mutilation. Charlie Kirk, who has smugly dismissed concerns about faux same sex "marriage" in the past. (Some say his beliefs are changing. We'll see.) 

Mitt Romney. Marco Rubio, whose campaign was heavily backed by pro-homosexual billionaire Paul Singer and who famously said he believes homosexuality is not a choice. Lisa Murkowski. Susan Collins. The congressional representatives who voted for the “Equality Act”-- John Katko and Tom Reed of New York, and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania.

Ric Grennell. CPAC. American Opportunity Alliance. Catalyst PAC. American Unity PAC. Big Tent Republicans. Log Cabin Republicans. The once-conservative Chamber of Commerce, now fully transitioned into a shill for the homosexual/ transgender agenda.

And of course, Kristi Noem. Robert Oscar Lopez wrote an excellent piece about Noem’s recent betrayal on the transgenderism-in-sports issue. Lopez also mentioned something often forgotten -- Mike Pence’s infamous compromise while Indiana’s governor. And there’s also the left turn of Chick Fil A (yes—check it out—they caved, too).

In the media, numerous “conservative” pundits refuse to grasp the danger of the pink agenda. Glenn Beck epitomizes the libertarian divide—he tolerates homosexuality but opposes “trans” advocacy to children.

In Ohio, we have our own troubling history on this. Former Republican Governor John Kasich surrounded himself with homosexual advisors and evolved into an open “LGBTQ” advocate. Current Governor Mike DeWine has a checkered record that includes sporadic support for homosexual demands. Our current Secretary of State, Republican Frank LaRose, is a backer of Ohio’s version of the “Equality Act.” Open homosexuals have served in key Ohio GOP party positions.

And in the upcoming U.S. Senate race for outgoing Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s seat, a fierce primary race is shaping up. Jane Timken, the former GOP state chair who backed Trump, just announced her candidacy. Timken famously called for the resignation of popular conservative Ohio House representative Candice Keller after a post by Keller calling out depraved values—including homosexual “marriage” and the drag queen culture -- as contributors to the pathology of today’s young mass murderers. What “conservative” would attack another over such an insightful commentary? Timken also backed Keller’s opponent in an Ohio Senate race. Timken initially defended GOP U.S. House Rep. Anthony Gonzalez when he voted for Trump’s impeachment. With this track record, Timken is vigorously opposed by many Ohio social conservatives.

Entrepreneur/author J.D Vance, heavily funded by “gay” PayPal founder Peter Thiel, is considering a bid for the Ohio seat. Vance is bright, yes, but too young, lacking political experience, and apparently comfortable with “LGBTQ” policy goals.

Providentially, another key person in the Ohio Senate race is former state treasurer and Marine Iraq war veteran Josh Mandel, who is a dependably solid social conservative with a stellar track record on these key issues.

If Republicans don’t speak up, who will? Not any Democrat. They are busy dragging children into the nearest sewer—those who manage to escape abortion, that is, which is the pinnacle of “women’s rights” in the Dems’ world.

And pastors? Only a few have the courage or understanding to enter this arena. The pastoral track record  is abysmal in defense of children against the devastating influence of rainbow radicals. 

Only a few conservatives, it seems, understand the hazard of normalizing homosexuality/gender deviance. Not even Trump got this one right. Yes, he stood firm on religious liberty, parental rights, and the dangers of transgenderism, but was willing to benignly back homosexual interests as a global humanitarian issue led by Ric Grenell. But the current reality is that the global “gay” victim posture is a manipulative game quickly pivoting from saving lives toward dictating hyper-sexualized norms in countries that don’t want “pride” parades and homosexual clubs in schools.

This was a great concern to many evangelicals, but the lack of leadership alternatives caused us to back Trump anyway, largely with credit given for his strong pro-life stance.

The reality is, though, that the demands of “LGBTQ” identifiers advanced very little at the federal or global level under Trump, and for that we are grateful. After witnessing his brave leadership under fire, I would still take Trump over Biden any day as our president. But would a president who solidly opposed the entire “LGBTQ” agenda be the ideal?

Absolutely. And perhaps Trump will re-think this issue going forward.

Those who value freedom and respectful citizenship gamble with our nation’s future when tolerating “LGBTQ” advocacy toward children, which H.R. 5 will propel into first class status. America, be forewarned: early sexualization produces barbarians who casually dehumanize others.

What GOP libertarians refuse to acknowledge is our current, real-time Sodom/Gomorrah American experience. Cultivating sexual anarchy as protected, “private” choices is never positive, but produces a vastly worse outcome in youth than in adults. Premature, unleashed sexual appetites produce homosexual ravagers pounding on Lot’s door, which included even “the young,” as we learn in Genesis 19.

So our first generation spoonfed social media lunacy, online porn, and “LGBTQ” advocacy has spawned young adults drawn to revolution—e.g., Antifa and Black Lives Matter (no, it’s not a peaceful, helpful organization).

The recently deleted BLM background page (TMI, apparently) disclosed its goal to “disrupt Western nuclear families”(meaning, Christian/Jewish), challenge “cisgender [heterosexual] privilege” and any male-centered environment while being “queer-affirming” and “intergenerational”— all while marching for Marxism and defunding the police. Very little has to do with race, which only serves as a convenient bridge to coordinate destructive leftist movements.

This is where sexual sin takes our youth pretty quickly. Hating authority because they hate their parents. Hating law and order, because they rebel against personal responsibility. Hating the church, because sin is exposed. Kids tutored under such poison have little capacity for delayed gratification so they demand whatever sexual pleasure has caught their eye, and dwell in a stew of jealousy, entitlement and resentment—i.e., classic Marxism.

For those young people who don’t go down the revolution road, the path of gender confusion or sodomy still remain high risk and sub-optimal. A culture that legally protects and mainstreams same sex intimate behavior will quickly see grade school children openly sexualized. Without the consequence of premature pregnancy, and with legal protections for adopted identities, there will be no lower age limit for what is considered appropriate, even beneficial, under a “queer” worldview.

Do Republicans grasp where we are? There is no campaign contribution worth the loss of social stability. Think about what you are tempted to support. Think about how you will explain this to God Almighty.

Think soberly about our children and grandchildren.