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Call Congress about Dangerous 'Equality Act'!

The 'Equality Act' is no such thing, but will make the immoral, deviant behaviors of homosexuality and gender rebellion civil rights under federal law in the U.S.

Think about that. Think about how unjust and bizarre that is. Also think about how such power will be misused by the bullies empowered by 'LGBTQ' rights. Our poor children will be subjected to deception as degrading, unnatural behaviors and lifestyles are normalized in America. And you, parents, will not be able to object. It will be too late.

Your time to object is NOW. CALL your member of Congress and your two U.S. Senators. Call regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans

We have to keep the pressure on these people because the lobbying on the other side is intense. Ours needs to be intense too, because unlike the Human Rights Campaign, we are right!

For contact information for your members of Congress, go to this link, HERE.

Thank you for joining the millions standing up against this sexual tyranny. We can do this!