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A New American Pledge for Independence Day

Linda Harvey

As we gather for parades, cookouts and fireworks this week, I am proposing we take a new pledge of allegiance. It’s because of the state of our nation, and nothing formal, just something to promise in our own hearts.

Here's what I would like to suggest.

That we each pledge to lift up our voices in the coming year with deep appreciation for America and the blessing of our freedoms. Most importantly, let’s pledge our continual praise to God for salvation through Jesus, and to thank Him profusely for the gift of living in America, where we are free to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

And then, that we each proclaim the good news of the Gospel and express it fully in every aspect of our lives.

We live in an uncommon place in a unique time. This is not normal life--it’s exceptional life. Our children and grandchildren need to learn how special American life is-- and how fragile.

God has given us an historically unprecedented blessing-- the gift of a republic, where we the people are the government, where can choose worthy leadership. But we also have another choice. Through error or apathy, we can hand our authority over to demons or despots.

Oh, sure, Americans have proven in the past to be tough and resilient, but what about now? What could this country weather without massive destabilization? COVID showed how fragile we are, how easily many Americans can be manipulated and quickly become unglued.

Because peace and liberty are so precious, I would like to suggest that we all pledge to register to vote if we have not done so and then, to cast our votes in this November’s election and encourage others to do so. We do this in gratitude for the American opportunity to choose our government leaders, an opportunity that much of the world does not have. We can also choose to run for office ourselves, another amazing blessing.

We must vote applying biblical values and choose candidates that most closely match those values, even though these flawed humans are inevitably imperfect. The preservation of religious freedom, life, national security and morality must be our first priorities.

I also suggest that we all pledge in our hearts to do everything we can to secure a sound and moral education for each of our children, that we examine what our children and grandchildren are being taught now and affirm what is good and contend against what is harmful. Let’s pledge to teach our children the truth about America and our history and not indulge fanciful distortions. And where necessary, let’s pledge to remove children from public schools and turn to Christian schooling.

Let’s all pledge to behave as Christ would have us do in our neighborhoods, within our families, in the workplace, at school, on social media and at the polling place.

I suggest we pledge to avoid sketchy conspiracy theories, but measure each piece of information carefully, not being swayed by rumors and unsound doctrine, but acting with wisdom in a turbulent time, knowing that we can rely on God and refusing to live in fear.

Let’s pledge to pray for honest elections, and that the wisest and best leaders would win their races. Let’s also pray for the integrity of those in appointed positions. I suggest we pledge to vote for those who will uphold worthy civil law and order, and not for those pushing for immorality, chaos, unnecessary division, and injustice.

I suggest we pledge above all to grow closer to the Lord than ever this year through daily Bible reading and prayer, fellowship with faithful believers, and service to people in need, including our families. We must pay special attention to fellow Christians. Let’s stand up for religious freedom in America but also for those in other nations, where persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters is tragically becoming commonplace.

And let’s pledge to stand up in support of Israel and against anti-Semitism and the hateful misinformation that even some Christians choose to believe.

And I suggest that we pledge to volunteer in some fashion to assist worthy candidates and election centers. Some of you have the ability to work at polling places, so please consider doing so. All of us can spread the word about who deserves our vote. As far as I can see, there are very few trustworthy Democrats, but also some questionable Republicans, so I say we pledge to do our homework and vote for those with the best track records on faith, family, law and order, and freedom.

And please don’t spread the false idea that we can sit this out. Our nation is in grave danger and we are extremely vulnerable, made more so by the lawless actions of progressives in power.

Let us not mismanage or squander the gift that is our great country, America. With our prayers and God’s help, we can secure a safe and God-filled American future.

Happy Independence Day.