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A Mom Speaks Out About the Medical Gender Agenda

Most of you are observing with alarm, as I am, the transformation of the medical profession. Science is taking a back seat to politics in more and more health advice, and one recent outrage is the announcement by the AMA, the American Medical Association, of its advice on birth certificates.

In blatant obeisance to the gender deviance lobby, the AMA is advising that states begin to issue birth certificates with no sex designation. There’s a lot more about this and we will be covering it in the near future.

So biology is no longer significant? Where does this chaotic road lead?

But the deaf ears of many doctors did not stop one mother who recently wrote to an Ohio physician, asking that he consider her viewpoint. 

Here's a portion of the letter she sent him:

“I am the mother of a child who suddenly claimed a transgender [identity] and became swiftly medicalized.... 

"I am not seeking your help per se ....I am a mere representative of the many thousands of parents who have had their child medicalized in as little as one visit to a gender affirming medical establishment. ....I am sharing the truth of gender identity medicine today as our family and countless others have experienced it.”

“.. Our story involves a young adult daughter while away at college. It was a mere few months after her prescription for testosterone that she had her breasts amputated. There is nothing that could have prepared our family for this tragedy that is still unfolding. She was gender conforming, had mostly female friends her entire life… and had little interest in stereotypical masculine activities at all. 

“Our daughter was extremely gifted, highly creative, ....[but] she has strayed far from the promising trajectory she was once on. ...She has severed ties with all family members save for some tenuous contact with a sibling.... Can this possibly be medical care? She was encouraged by her like-minded peers, harbored by her university and swiftly led down the rabbit hole of transgender medicine ...

“... Regarding the thousands of parents in like situations, I know their stories too. Our stories are eerily similar and yet we read lie after lie in the mainstream media that we are bigots, 'transphobes,‘....and other names, many too despicable to mention. We read that we have disowned our children when the opposite is often true. ...We read the lies that only adults get surgeries or that our children have gone through rigorous psychological counseling. Neither of these is true. Some parents have even lost their children in the court of law when they question this supposed ‘care.’ 

“...The suicide card that is played has been debunked as many times as it is played and yet the card continues to be played on repeat. We know that the only long-term study ever completed actually shows a 19 times greater risk of suicide. I believe this is likely an underestimation as the cohort in this study was far different from today’s trans-identified patients who are younger and largely female. It would not be a stretch to say the harms could be far greater.

“Since Lisa Littman’s work in 2018 first exposed the very possibility that social contagion could be at play in the sky- rocketing numbers of transgender identified youth, this topic has been pushed further and further into the public sphere. Considering there are close to 40k young women wanting ‘top surgery’ today on GoFundMe, what else might be going on? Certainly, this is not normal. Should not further investigation be warranted? 

“It is not like there is nothing to see here. The industry today is light years away from days of yore when anabolic steroids first came on the market and doctors and patients began to dabble in altering the human body to take on the appearance of the opposite sex, or from the 1970’s when Paul McHugh shuttered the gender identity clinic at Johns Hopkins due to no benefit in the patient population. Fast forward to 2021 and the industry that used to be in back alleyways is exploding like never before. 

“The affirmation model is now the norm and most medical institutions have established guidelines to push patients into the pipeline of gender medicine, while laws are being passed to deter any counseling for gender confused patients. The fact that there is so little help for families like ours does not prove that the affirmation model is sound healthcare. All the parents I have connected to know that it is not. We know our children are in harm’s way.

And this mom closed by writing this: “....I live in fear for my daughter and other young people across this country where mutilating body parts is increasingly becoming second nature. ...”

Please pray for this family, friends, for this young woman, for the conscience of this doctor, and for American medicine to once again follow science and biology.