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5 Ways Companies Can Be More Christian-Friendly

It’s a mystery why Target is so dense. The major retailer had a bad year, and when a major company has slow sales it translates to lost jobs, poor service to consumers, possible store closings.

In other words, there’s a toll involving real Americans and their families. And for what?

Taking a cue from North Carolina’s H.B. 2 controversy, Target welcomed gender-confused, mentally ill or predatory males into women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms. Now the company is shuffling its deck to disguise the real culprit of traffic decline, despite the massive boycott led by the American Family Association and joined by numerous other groups. (Full disclosure: my group, Mission America, is one of these).

This is corporate masochism. These executives should all be fired.

Then there’s Kellogg’s. Boy, have they jumped on the wrong train by believing the easily-disproved fake news that Steve Bannon and Brietbart.com, and therefore the Trump administration, are racist, sexist and anti-Semitic. Oh, and they also hate puppies.

So Kellogg’s very publicly announced the withdrawal of its ads from Breitbart. After discovering the additional foolishness of Kellogg donations to affiliates of Black Lives Matter, Breitbart launched an online petition and boycott which has gathered over 430,000 signatures.

So the question becomes, why are companies trading leftist nonsense for a stable bottom line?

Let’s take, for instance, the Human Rights Campaign’s “Corporate Equality Index.” The homosexual lobby group is boasting that more companies than ever achieved 100% on this measure of obeisance to sexual deviance. This is alleged “progress.”

It’s actually the opposite. This trend signals executive–level cowardice with ripple effects throughout the country.

Have so many bought the fables of “LGBTQ” activists? I don’t think so. There’s something else in play here.

In 2017, companies should take a completely different approach. Support Christian and conservative employees and customers-- their values, principles and concerns.

I know, it sounds revolutionary.  But here a few suggestions:

1. Please do not participate in a “corporate equality index” like that conducted by the Human Rights Campaign.  There is no “equality” here. Because this index promotes homosexuality and gender rebellion, it defies the values of social conservatives and is therefore a tool of sin advocacy, not equality.

And yet, Walmart, Target, Apple and others got a 100% on this immorality index for 2017.

A company’s participation puts Christians and conservatives on notice: your values are not respected and you will be forced to publicly pay homage to these child-harming behaviors. More and more Americans get this. It’s an issue that hits close to home for quite a few of your employees.

If your company travels this road, just realize you have chosen sides in a heated war where children are pawns of the sexual left. Conservatives are sick of it.

2. It’s not “protection.” Please don’t frame pro-homosexual policies as “protection” for a mythical, newly-discovered classification of human, an assumption not borne out by science, especially in light of recent research. Endorsing these behaviors is an insult and de facto discrimination against millions of Americans who still object to the normalization of homosexuality, same sex “marriage” and men in women’s restrooms.

HRC wants its supporters to be “protected” against disapproval, yet disapproval is, in fact, the correct position.

3. So-called “non-discrimination” policies actually create discrimination. Private behavior may be one thing, but it becomes public and a subject for company-wide, fair debate when a uniform policy of endorsement and alleged “non-discrimination” is adopted.

At the very least, “sexual orientation/ gender inclusivity” workshops should be optional. If they are, few will come.

The company essentially tells a Christian there is no respect for his deeply-held views, not even an opportunity to object.

And that chip-on-the-shoulder lesbian who stares down your employee when he slips up and mentions his church? How long before she runs to HR with a complaint that he is “discriminating” against her? That she feels “unsafe”? And the company fires him?

This is NOT EQUALITY. It’s fascism. Don’t treat American workers like they are stupid.

4. Please do not try to persuade your workforce that “LGBTQ” values make the company more competitive and attract a higher-caliber employee. This may please the numerous homosexuals in human resources, but your workforce knows this is huge lie. What this says is that personal depravity makes a person more attractive than personal virtue.

So the Christian woman married and faithful for twenty years to the same guy is not as valued a hire as the narcissist “gay” techie who can’t wait to gyrate on the corporate float in the “pride parade”? He’ll tick everyone off and be gone in eighteen months. Is this conducive to high morale?

5. Get real about ‘equality” in benefits. Companies are being applauded for achieving so-called “parity” in benefits with coverage for sex “reassignment” surgery and hormone medical treatment. If the company is willing to pay for cosmetic surgery for males to become pretend women, then pay for cosmetic surgery for all your employees to become the physical specimens of their dreams. After all, “equality” should be based on facts, correct? And there is no science behind the trendy nonsense that some people are “born in the wrong sex body.”

The HRC Foundation’s requirement for a 100% [which Target, Walmart and others received) on its bogus index call for this:

“Implement internal requirements prohibiting U.S. company/
law firm philanthropic giving to nonreligious organizations that have a written policy of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

So it really is an “Intolerance Index.” No man/woman marriage organizations can receive donations, nor abstinence- until- (man/woman)- marriage sex education groups. No groups reflecting the values of millions of American corporate employees, now pressured to keep their once-honorable sexual morality principles to themselves-- or else.

Everyone hates this stuff. Face it. It’s an insult and makes no sense. It’s hurting your company.

And in an eternal sense, being on the wrong side of God is really a dumb thing to do.