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Talking Points on World AIDS Day for Christian Parents

Share these with your children...

This month you and your kids are going to hear a lot about AIDS, especially on "World AIDS Day," observed on December 1.

But most of the official coverage will avoid key facts about AIDS. It's particularly troubling when our children miss the most important news about AIDS, and how this epidemic could be effectively fought.

We know how to do this. It's just that the secular gatekeepers of information are much more interested in acceptance of homosexuality and promiscuous "safe sex" ideas.

Do we really want to reduce the suffering of millions of people? Or do we just want to pose for the cameras? We now have famous preachers like the sadly compromised Rick Warren, who seems to have fallen in love with non-Christian "christians." At an AIDS conference in 2006, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politician Sen. Barack Obama was an invited speaker at Warren's Saddleback Church. During 2007, Hillary Clinton will speak at yet another "global AIDS" event at Warren's church. Will they discuss strategies to actually reduce HIV, or will it be liberal politics as usual?

How sad that Scripture must now be kept in the closet, while deviant sin is given a respected platform.

Every parent, therefore, in order to counter the PC school lessons, the misleading church teachings, and the contrived compassion of youth media like MTV and others, needs to share a few simple facts with any student in their household under the age of 18:

1. The major cause of HIV and AIDS in the U.S. has been and remains male homosexual behavior. The next largest transmission category is intravenous drug use, followed by high-risk heterosexual contact. This last group consists of people who have had sex with anyone who falls into the first two groups. If we eliminated homosexual male sex and intravenous drug use, HIV would be reduced by at least three fourths in this country. Both are unnecessary, chosen behaviors. Schools need to make sure this point is absolutely clear in the minds of every student in health education. SeeCenters for Disease Control tables.

2. Homosexual sex is absolutely forbidden in the strongest terms in the Bible. The only type of marriage endorsed is the union of one man and one woman. Here are the relevant passages:

Genesis, chapters 18 and 19 (chapter 18 is helpful for a broader context); Leviticus 18: 22 and 20: 13; Deuteronomy 23: 17; 1 Kings 15:12; Matthew 19:3-9; Romans 1: 18-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 Thessalonians 4: 3-8; 2 Peter 2 (whole chapter); Jude 7-8; Revelation 22:15.

Pastors and churches who say accepting "gays and lesbians" is part of "loving your neighbor" or that one can be a proud open homosexual and still be Christian, have seriously distorted the teachings of Christianity. This is deliberate rebellion against God's word and His created order of male/female genders and marriage. It cannot be emphasized enough that this is an affront to God, and that anyone- I don't care how famous- who is teaching this, is broadcasting his/her rebellion. Can such a person be a genuine believer, while spreading false teachings and encouraging rebellion in others?

And then, to lead people into a behavior that may infect them for life with an often fatal disease---- it's heartless, not compassionate.

3. In Africa, one of the leading causes of AIDS is high risk heterosexual sex. Several countries, Uganda and Kenya, have seen considerable success in reducing HIV by teaching their youth to practice abstinence until marriage. Uganda's program reduced HIV rates from 15 % to under 7%. However, many of the global AIDS programs are highly critical of Uganda's success. Why?

This is a good question. Why are the U.N. and other AIDS programs not following the Uganda model? The reason goes to the heart of many global philosophies that are blatantly anti-Christian. One pillar of international AIDS efforts is that non-married sexual practices, including homosexuality, must be accepted, and made somehow "safer" using condoms. Not only has this method failed to reduce AIDS, it's totally an affront to Christians, and no Christian, especially no pastor, should sign on to such programs.

Attacking AIDS through wide distribution of condoms is a complete failure. Do we want to keep promoting sex, or do we want to save lives? Or- do some influential people have financial ties to the condom and contraceptive manufacturers? Is this an example of corruption and big business at work in exploiting poor Third World people?

These are great questions to ask in a classroom setting. Do a report on Uganda, and make sure you get all the facts by consulting sources other than the U.N. and its agencies.

4. If homosexual sex is a leading cause of HIV in the U.S., doesn't it make sense to teach people to not engage in these acts? Perhaps "gay" social establishments should close until the HIV rates are severely reduced. And no students should be encouraged to enter homosexuality through "gay" clubs or tolerance lessons.

If we are serious about reducing AIDS-if we really care about people more than certain special viewpoints-- we will do the right thing. And as Christians, if we really want to be faithful to our Lord, we must reject these corrupt ideas and try where we can to do something that will really save lives and bring people to know Him.