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Student Survey of Middle and High School Students


[To be administered by an adult & mailed back to Mission:America. Please provide adult name for our records at bottom of survey, and mail back to address provided. See directions at end also.]

You may have heard statements like the following: " 92% of high school students say they have heard homophobic remarks on their campus in the past month." Such statements come out of student surveys conducted by GLSEN, PFLAG and others, and are picked up by reporters sympathetic to their cause. They are used to persuade school boards that programs must be adopted to stop "homophobia" (defined primarily as attitudes or speech unaccepting of homosexuality).

We need a survey that tells the truth! The climate in some schools actually prevents students and teachers from speaking out to warn others about the grave risks of homosexuality, and to provide the information that it can change.

Our goal is to have at least 1000 students in U.S. public middle and high schools take the survey above.To do this, we need your help.

Simply identify students you know who attend a public middle school or high school. They may be your children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, neighbors, or kids from church. Make copies of the survey...as many as you need--and give them to these students. Ask them to return them to you by a certain day. If you feel it's appropriate, ask them to have one or two friends complete the survey as well. If you can, have them fill out the questionnaire while you are present or nearby. 

They should give their own opinions when completing the survey, and not "consult" with others as a group activity. When you have all the surveys, simply fill out the bottom of at least one of the group of surveys with your name and address, paper clip them together and mail them back to us. Our address is at the end of the survey.

You are our survey administrators...we are counting on you! The results will be published in a future issue of Mission America! Thank you in advance for this important effort.

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