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Freedom to Marry, or Freedom to Spin?


1. Are homosexuals being denied the freedom to marry? The simple answer is NO. Unless the object of one’s affection is a close relative, someone else’s spouse, or a young teen, law gives homosexuals the privilege of marrying another person right now. They can marry a person of the opposite sex, because that’s what marriage is. They are not being denied anything, except the right to selfishly reconstruct reality to make marriage what they think it should be.

2. Decades ago, it was illegal for biracial male/female couples to marry, and these immoral laws were rightly overturned by the Supreme Court. Homosexuals often say their demand to ‘marry’ is just like that landmark civil rights decision. Well, the claim that this is similar to a racial issue is BOGUS. Here’s why: there’s no evidence homosexuality is biologically determined. Neither is bisexuality, nor a male’s desire to dress in chiffon and heels. Race and sexual behavior are apples and oranges issues. Homosexual desires both can and do change, and there are countless expressions of ‘fluid‘ sexuality in ‘gay’ culture, belying the claims of inalterable identity. Like many other parts of the ‘gay marriage’ platform, this civil rights posturing falls apart when exposed to the light of facts.

3. Does Constitutional ‘equal protection’ extend the marriage privilege to two men or two women? If so, why not three women and four men? The Constitution does not provide for this, and such a claim assumes something the Constitution never intended: legalizing bizarre behavior as marriage. Attempting a backdoor redefinition of marriage through the 14th Amendment, such subjectivity if widely applied would have almost no limits. Homosexuals are not a different category of human. Non-intrinsic, unnatural behavior not confined to a set percentage of humans—that’s homosexuality. It’s also harmful, historically considered undesirable and immoral. The Constitution provides equal protection of humans behaving humanly—not engaged in perversion.

4. What about the effect on kids? Many homosexual pairs plead for ‘marriage’ on the basis of the benefits to their own children. Our sympathies go out to these children who are victims of this deception. They are raised in deliberately fatherless or motherless households, or in a situation where cross-gender perversion is proudly displayed. We should no more legalize such stupid decisions of adults than we should honor the abusive living arrangements of polygamy cults. Children in these homes will suffer the effects of poor role modeling and possible sexual corruption. And in Massachusetts, where homosexual ‘marriage’ has been forced into a legal posture, the public standard has quickly lowered to mandate teaching all public school students to accept homosexuality and gender distortion.


This is not a civil rights issue, nor is it a question of compassion and tolerance. This is perversion, plain and simple, dressed up for the cameras. We need to stand up against this massacre of marriage, and hold fast to God’s original beautiful design, open to ALL humans: one man and one woman becoming one flesh as a truly married couple.