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Professors Who Are Child-Porn Monsters

What in the world goes through the mind and heart of a child abuser? A child rapist? Or the person who collects images of children being raped and tortured and exchanges them with other viewers,


Betsy DeVos Has Drunk the 'LGBTQ' Kool-Aid

America’s new education leader showed her true colors on morality last week. She revealed that she’s a supporter of the destructive homosexual and gender confusion agenda. America needs to pray


Is Gender Anarchy God's Judgment for Abortion?

When certain families raise their children in today’s culture to be God-honoring, productive, respectful young adults, it’s an astounding accomplishment. It still happens, praise God, and many


Life vs. Death: 2 D.C. Marches

It comes as a shock to feminists and their allies. But there really is a worldview other than leftwing propaganda, one that doesn’t believe Planned Parenthood is an honorable organization, nor that


7 Things to Expect Post- Supremes' Marriage Ruling

The unthinkable may be near at hand: homosexuality as a “civil right.” It’s a complete lie but the signs point to the U.S. Supreme Court granting constitutional rights’ status to same sex


3 Reasons Hillary Doesn't Deserve the Christian Vote

God raises up kings (or queens) and He can depose them as well. An American president empowered by God, whose nation will be protected and blessed, is one who humbly understands the servanthood role


5 Reasons Some 'Evangelicals' Fooled by a Trump Deal

America won’t be “great again” if a narcissist chameleon is our commander-in-chief. But deceived self-declared Christians may make this nightmare a reality. Why are some evangelicals


Obama June ‘Pride’ Proclamation

Our president has once again this June issued a proclamation celebrating ‘pride’ month. His final published version can be found here. However, I was able to obtain a first draft, and it is