194Array ( [artlabel] => On Homosexuality, Youth and the Marriage Issue [artdesc] => The legalization of same sex liaisons as 'marriage' in the U.S would drastically alter the nature of what is taught to children in schools, community groups, camps, churches and in the media. [description] =>

The legalization of same sex liaisons as 'marriage' in the U.S would drastically alter the nature of what is taught to children in schools, community groups, camps, churches and in the media. [desc] => The legalization of same sex liaisons as 'marriage' in the U.S would drastically alter the nature of what is taught to children in schools, community groups, camps, churches and in the media. ) On Homosexuality, Youth and the Marriage Issue

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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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On Homosexuality, Youth and the Marriage Issue

A Statement of Purpose By Mission America

The legalization of same sex liaisons as 'marriage' in the U.S would drastically alter the nature of what is taught to children in schools, community groups, camps, churches and in the media.

Currently, a high-pressure campaign by homosexual activists, supported by the National Education Association, is underway to promote acceptance of homosexuality among children, and a great deal of headway has already been made through the establishment of homosexual clubs, adoption of pro-homosexual school policies, the showcasing of homosexual literature, special occasion speakers, and so-called anti-bias programs. This revolutionary approach has received little mainstream publicity, but is rapidly gaining acceptance in educational circles as the 'norm'. Recent laws enacted in California have basically mandated pro-homosexual teaching in state schools.

There are, however, still some school districts resisting this radical trend. Most Christian and Catholic schools remain positive options for those who want to uphold strong standards for their children.

Once legalized as 'marriage,' however, virtually no obstacle would remain for homosexuality advocates to force all schools, with the support if necessary of the judiciary, to teach every child that homosexual marriage is a viable future option. The stated goal of these activists is to establish such teaching at the elementary school level.

Mission America supports the time-honored tradition of marriage as a commitment between one man and one woman. We oppose coercive, deceptive messages communicated to children, as well as same sex 'marriage,' for the following reasons:

  1. No biological cause for homosexual or gender-variant desires or behavior has been found in humans. Claims to the contrary are founded on wishful thinking, not scientific fact.1 There is much evidence that homosexual desire and identity develops, although usually not consciously, out of one's life experiences. Child sexual abuse is frequently a factor.
  2. There is growing evidence that bisexual identity and practices are developing as a popular trend among some middle school and high school students as a result of the promotion of homosexual experimentation. The 'package' of fluid sexual practices, featuring oral sex, is being sold to kids through many sex education programs and the popular culture.2 This trend has disastrous public health implications.
  3. There are thousands of ex-homosexuals whose lives attest to the ability of humans to overcome homosexual desires and practices. This is a choice which should be open to all young people without criticism, prejudice, attempts to withhold this information, or attempts to discredit the life stories of those formerly involved in these lifestyles.3
  4. Homosexuality involves practices that are dangerous and high-risk to the body, which is designed for heterosexual function, so the first priority of adults who really care for youth should be to help them at all costs avoid these behaviors. Some of these unsafe practices are anal sexual intercourse, foreign objects used in sexual intercourse, anal or oral sex with strangers, and promiscuity. Because of such activities, countless health studies have documented that sexually transmitted disease and injury is much higher among homosexuals than in the population at large.4 Since such practices are well-accepted within homosexual circles, it does not make sense to enable or encourage students in homosexual attractions, since they are likely to begin engaging in some or all of these unsafe activities. No method exists, despite the insistence of condom advocates, to effectively 'manage' these high risk behaviors.
  5. All major world religions and civilizations have historically condemned the practice of homosexuality. Nothing that is now known changes the reasons for that heritage of disapproval. Millions of religious and non-religious taxpaying Americans find homosexuality abhorrent, and do not want it promoted nor condoned in discussions with their children. Finding homosexuality repulsive is a natural human instinct to protect oneself, and is common to most humans, not just a few conservatives. Within the bounds of kindness and civility, students, teachers and parents who find the behavior personally repugnant should continue to have the right to express this opinion. This is not meant to imply support for derogatory labels or insults.
  6. The best way to protect students who are drawn to this behavior is give them facts about the risks. Those who believe it is wrong should not be discredited, nor should all disapproval be erroneously associated with violence or labeled as 'hate'. Because of the community's concern and love for youth, adults should support them if they wish to change homosexual desires and behavior. Any other approach puts children at high risk of disease and even premature death, and we should love our children too much to let that happen.
  7. Because of the great risks involved, and our concerns about the welfare of ALL students, every student who reveals homosexual attraction deserves to know that he or she has a choice. This is both humane and sound public health policy.
  8. Failure to disclose these facts or attempts to discredit them is the equivalent of educational and medical malpractice. Educational programs that in any way condone or support homosexuality should be stopped immediately in all U.S. schools.
  9. Because of the dysfunctional, unhealthy and changeable nature of homosexuality, legitimizing it as 'marriage' constitutes irresponsible and reckless public policy that endangers the future of our children and grandchildren.


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